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tue 09 jul 02

ananova: scientists find forgotten treasures from the 'great death pit at ur' in the british museum.

ananova: and in other news, judicial watch is filing suit against dick cheney. wonders never cease.

and euan, of "the obvious?" sent this along, posted by a commenter on his weblog, in reference to my ailing gran:

"death is nothing at all. i have only slipped away into the next room. i am i, and you are you. whatever we were to each other, we still are. call me by my old familiar name, speak to me in the easy way which you always used. put no difference in your tone, wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow. laugh as we always laughed as the little jokes we enjoyed together. let my name be ever the household word that it always was, let it be spoken without effort, without the trace of a shadow on it. life means all that it ever meant. it is the same as it ever was; there is unbroken continuity. why should i be out of mind because i am out of sight? i am waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near, just around the corner. all is well."

i found this poem by henry scott holland [1847-1918] (he was the canon of st. paul's cathedral) thanks to euan and the poster both; you have touched my and my family's heart, deeply.

and time's shadow discusses his muse, the ocean.

a link sent from a good friend: auroras underfoot. what a photo.

thankful i can see even that sliver of clear blue sky ... over the smoke we've been choking over for the last couple of months. nothing like rain to clear out the air.

dramatic, no?

storms in the afternoon, july 9

speaking of storms, we've had three or four go over. another just went over, sending crushing winds into the south of the house. total rainfall was minimal today, at least here ... but everything's appreciated, as i'm sure you can imagine. actually, i have a pic or two ... let's see ...

i've been offline for a while, due to thunderstorms overhead. come back, and there's a couple of emails asking the same question, so here's an answer: i sent a note to alwin, earlier today, expressing astonishment at some quick calculations i made about the cost of aids drugs, and wondering if my suppositions were correct. here's the email, complete, so you can understand context (and save me from having to forward it to anyone else). the genesis of the comment alwin uses as a lever was my incorrect memory of the multinational pharmaceutical lawsuit against south africa, and the u.s. behavior with brazil via the w.t.o., old news [see key global developments]. i had been racking my brain trying to remember specific things that would cause the audience at barcelona to lambast our secretary of health; it looks like our parsimonious offerings are the main cause. well, anyway ... read my note, and judge how easily boneheaded conclusions can come from a quick read of old data.

the lights are going out at calebos, for good. weblogging has its uses, and a temporary use is no less beneficial than a long-term one. living real life, as opposed to living virtual life, is always the better choice. i bow to your wisdom, applaud your courage, and contemplate following your lead often. and no, you don't sound like bilbo at his birthday party ... an observation that was one of your greatest hits, imho.

reuters: stocks tumble as investors shrug off bush comments. reuters' "quick quote" on the left side is largely red.

just an offhand observation ... i seem to be getting a smaller, better-quality jpeg out of the windows port of 'the gimp' than i am from photoshop. i used to like fireworks' jpgs better than photoshop's, back a couple of years ago. maybe it's just my mood swings. using 'gimp' right now, with no experience, is like using a plumber's wrench to create porcelain flowers, but it has interesting, deeply-buried strengths. guash keeps crashing in xp ... whatever it does.

tour de france, audio broadcasts, outdoor life tv. phil liggett, ladies and germs ... the best. and they archive the old ones, so you don't miss anything! thanks, petej.

all of a sudden, i'm getting a couple dozen 'returned emails' bounced from my dangerousmeta.com mail domain, but returning to my dominant email address on earthlink (as if that was the sending domain). another spam scam?

the hindu: americans and clean air. link broke as it dropped into their archives. found it, for the moment.

pr newswire: who does america trust?

linux today: python-url!

linux magazine: python - yes, you should be using it.

linux planet: rescuing damaged or crashed linux systems. there hain't no norton utilities.

new architect: zend studio 2.0.

paradox1x: so sad, it's funny. later: aw, rats, it's a hoax. got me good, and i can usually smell 'em a mile away. when you think about it, i guess we should be surprised the wife didn't drag him bodily out of the apartment and stuff him under one of the collapsing buildings that fell later.

times of india: iraq ready for u.s. attack.

times of india: u.s. secretary of health booed at aids conference in barcelona.

washington post: cliff's notes vs. sparknotes. read drama aloud; makes comprehension easier. i've been known to stand on coffee tables and decry to fascinated ficus trees and wall sconces.

santa fe new mexican: rediscovering history. "los alamos national laboratory has begun a four-year project excavating ancestral pueblo sites on about 4,000 acres scheduled for transfer to los alamos county and san ildefonso pueblo." sounds like adventure.

santa fe new mexican: water search turns to arizona. also discussing pumping effluent into the aquifer ... time to buy that reverse-osmosis filtration system.

santa fe new mexican: looks like cañoncito could possibly be the first community here to run dry of water ...

ny times letters to the editor: bush and the business scandals.

ny times op-ed: sun and smoke. right on the money.

ny times: in france, more than a bed and breakfast.

ny times: under centuries of sand, a trading hub.

ny times: drug offers hope with resistant h.i.v.

ny times: yucca mountain, ready to glow.

ny times: career profiles of the 9/11 dead arouse anxiety. would john have become chairman? would jane have climbed out of the secretarial pool? deciding on what the life benefits should be. damned tough, and bound to cause upset.

reuters: bush seeks new 'era of integrity.' i wonder that we haven't heard the clinton-era republican outcry of "just properly enforce the laws we have on the books," that no new legislation or spending is required. not very 'contract with america' of them; seems to me, mr. bush is legislating and spending like a proper democrat [snort].

reuters: red wine may keep prostate cancer cells in check.

reuters: coffee shop chain apologizes for hitler quote. overkill. the quote is worthy of spirited debate in a coffee shop, certainly. the 'winner' writes the history books, right? pearl harbor was a dastardly stab in the back, instead of a pre-emptive strike. [playing devil's advocate]

i see a lot of people linking alwin's story on antibiotic resistance, so i refer you back to the "joke" i received in april.

trying to get a grip on the day ...