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thu 11 jul 02

have any of the major media carried the story about the two teenagers who got caught plotting to kill one of the teen's parents, for insurance money? 'columbine' comes home to albuquerque. got teens who play 'doom'? sleep well. i'll see if i can find a link tomorrow.

so-so sunset:

a so-so sunset

great, just great. i'm #9 for "gwyneth paltrow toes", when i find it's her lack of earlobes that i keep focusing on in films.

there's nothing quite like the thrill you get when revisiting an older site design [four years, in this case]. especially when the clients have been updating the site on their own. or should i say, multiple different districts, with lots of turnover. many different people. i just found out a whole section was enhanced with the BLINK tag, and worse [is there anything worse? oh yes, those gifs ...]. excuse me, while i find a clothespin for my nose and a spare barf bag while i correct this ...

euronews: lethal storms sweep across germany. all you folks ok over there?

linuxtoday: kde 3.1 alpha 1.

physicsweb: diamond-free spacedust puzzles astronomers.

slashdot: review of "perl & xml."

nj.com: metabolife on the hook for tax evasion. they may start losing weight faster than they imagine.

php backpage. cms. and lanewsfactory.

cnet: the pgp plugin for outlook has a security issue.

in switching over from the win2k laptop to the xp desktop, i haven't had the time to transfer over my aggregator settings. on the to-do list. speaking of which, turned on my mac today for the first time since last thursday. amazing. once i get everything over to xp, i may try bsd or mandrake on the laptop.

metafilter discusses region-free dvd.

having a busy day, as usual. blogging reverts to sideline duties.

the atlantic: a teetotalers' guide to social drinking. great story at the end; i did similar things in college, preventing roommates from following their baser instincts.

brookings: can foreign aid stop terrorism? "in the long term, foreign aid, given selectively and not saddled with myriad objectives, can encourage economic development and reduce poverty and therefore improve the lives of many people." yeah, and the bush tax cuts were supposed to do this, too. too bad they were another stockmanesque 'trojan horse.'

washington post: "spanners." a fun read.

i see bristol-myers squibb may become the latest corporate malefactor.

ny times guest contributor: bin ladenism is dead. those who keep him alive, do so out of political strategy?

ny times op-ed: suffer the children.

ny times letters to the editor: the view from wall street, and main street.

ny times: ballard finds pt-109.

ny times: house passes bill allowing pilots to carry firearms. "an armed pilot who mistakenly shot a passenger would be treated as a federal employee for purposes of liability." let's hope someone teaches them to not only look at what they're firing at, but what's behind their target.

santa fe new mexican: grounded passengers take bus home. too overweight to fit in a single seat. southwest airlines says it's "becoming a consistent problem." maybe reserving bulkhead seats for last-minute assignment might help, in the short term.

santa fe new mexican: los alamos national labs has thinned out 2,200 acres of forest. offering firewood.

definition of hypocrite. does 'politician' have to be a synonym?

reuters: bush received company loans he now wants banned.

sludge in the brain at the moment. having my head dredged.