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fri 12 jul 02

my epson 800 just up and stopped printing today. no restarts, nothing seems to awaken it. that canon s9000 may be on the plate sooner than i thought.

on the evening news, the new mexico state republican party chairman tried to funnel cash to the green party, from an undisclosed source in washington. six figure cash, for them to run candidates in two specific congressional districts. here's the albuquerque trib article. puts the lie to the fact that greens have no effect on democratic turnout, and that republicans don't engage in this kind of thing. dendahl doesn't believe he was unethical, but local phone polls are almost 60/40 for him to resign. domenici's making predictable 'shocked and appalled' statements.

john locke, a letter concerning toleration. "that any man should think fit to cause another man whose salvation he heartily desires to expire in torments, and that even in an unconverted state, would, i confess, seem very strange to me, and i think, to any other also. but nobody, surely, will ever believe that such a carriage can proceed from charity, love, or goodwill."

cnn: martha stewart 'substitutes' scramble for position. oh, lordy ...

should have built it the other way, with the storm in the center ... but once i saw the mistake, i just didn't have time to alter it. clients call. nice views, though, huh? i keep meaning to build a deck on the roof, for my someday-to-be-purchased telescope ...

had to get up on the roof to check mousetraps; decided to catch a quick pano of the building storms [click to see it large, 100+k]:

check out the pano.

some elderly persons recommended http://www.medicines.md to me, in reference to my grandmother. patriotic to the core, they order their prescription drugs from outside the country.

thegreenvillenews.com: "shoeless joe" still a hit. thanks for visiting.

washington post: florida black ballots affected most in 2000. and, add "double bubble" to your "hanging chad."

pravda: gorbachev says, hands off iraq.

php gem, and an update to smarty php template engine.

the black world today: in africa, the aids death march continues. more info to add to the discussion.

those last two links were purely circumstance, i assure you.

a linux user goes back ... to windows xp.

top ten things wrong with linux, today.

national center for policy analysis: it's official, the forest service spreads part of the blame on environmental activists for western wildfires.

times of india: al-qaeda hunt radioactive material in the u.s. all too easy. work for the lowest-bidder trucking outfit hired to haul wastes.

times of india: u.s. softens on immunity for peacekeepers.

times of india: pakistan to build two more nuclear powerplants. and india will follow with ... ?

independent.uk: is ansel adams' work art? sounds like the author is unfamiliar with the ansel adams photographic series of books; inaccuracies abound. and most points echo the old avenues of the "is photography art?" debate. but it's worth a skim.

ny times editorial: america aloof. that "the united states does not rule the world" may be true, but the bush administration bespeaks that exact philosophy to many around the globe.

ny times letters to the editor: shipping plutonium. doing our part for proliferation, apparently.

ny times: bristol-myers squibb under scrutiny for "channel stuffing."

ny times: some in the g.o.p. moving past bush on business fraud. "summary executions would get about 85 votes in the senate right now." and that was a comment from a republican.

ny times: armed pilots? "they need a sawed-off 12-gauge shotgun about this long with number eight shot. with a pistol they can miss. but with a 12-gauge, no way. it would splatter them all over the cockpit, and there's no way you can miss, either."

reuters: bush to blame stock woes for bigger deficits. i started laughing at the beginning of the article, and was rolling on the floor by the end. you can't cut taxes and increase revenues at the same time; the voodoo never worked for reagan, it continues to fail for bush jr.

this was sitting in my referrers: first monday, after the dot-bomb, getting information retrieval right. i'd like to find out more about faceted classification.

wow, either network traffic is high, or phpwebhosting.com is down (where i store my photos). that's never happened once in the entire time i've used them.

tough week. i'll be happy to see 5 today.