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sat 13 jul 02

just got back from home depot. everything i needed was sold out; they're having a "10% off" sale which i was unaware of, that started yesterday. that's what i get for having my head buried in a monitor.

yeah, so today's my day for 'empty protest.' now that i've got it out of my system, i can go buy some stucco patch, wood chips, and waterproof paint and do something *actually* useful.

ny times opinion: dean ornish, a diet rich in partial truths. after living through the 'saccharin is good' and 'eggs are bad' periods in history, i eat of all food groups, in moderation ... and pretty much ignore 'new' dietary recommendations. i firmly believe our parents ate better than we do; if not for medical breakthroughs, our lifespan would be shorter because of the nutritionally dead and chemical-additive foods that we consume. purple ketchup? please ... nobody remembers the red dye #2 cancer scare and m&m's?

ny times letters to the editor: no friend to superfund. "... superfund revenues are necessary to identify and locate all responsible parties (rarely do they voluntarily come forward), and to formulate clean-up plans to be financed by them." italics just so you understand what the bush administration is doing, and who is going to end up paying the bills (if indeed, the sites ever get cleaned up). written by jim florio, n.j.'s former gov.

ny times letters to the editor: "call me the un-martha." this writer should have a weblog.

ny times: moral relativity is a hot topic? true. absolutely. this is only an interpretation of mr. fish's work; i'd like to find the direct source and drink from the unadulterated font. later today, i guess.

ny times: spending bill on terrorism brings split in g.o.p. "three senior republican lawmakers bitterly criticized the white house today for refusing to spend as much money on the military and domestic defense as Congress wants ..." quote supplied just to remind folks that it's not 'only' democrats who spend our federal budget.

santa fe new mexican: following up on one of yesterday's last links, republicans back away from offer to greens. my question is, and remains, why hasn't this story gone national? if this is happening in new mexico (a poor state), it's got to be happening elsewhere.

ny times: ruling favors limited access to 9/11 information. "... information that could expose the vulnerabilities or failures of the airlines, airports, and government agencies." it's those failures that are directly actionable, however, for those pursuing a suit. was it a failure, or negligence? i doubt the families will ever get real, definitive closure on all the facets.

ny times: stock slide is playing havoc with older americans' dreams. "as tech stocks rose, so did his portfolio. he hung on despite losing $4.5 million over two years. but last year, with some of his stocks reduced to pennies, and fearing that he would be 'sitting in the street,' he and his wife took jobs at the mohegan sun casino in connecticut." still want those private investment accounts for social security? another leg of the bush campaign platform has fallen. ah, so the democrats have wised up. good.

reuters: mcgee wins stage as armstrong crashes.

i simply have to go up to the national forest today, if just for a short walk. news last evening said it was like a mall, so many cars, so many people.