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mon 15 jul 02

google search, "conservative debate" brought this. read some of that first link; ann coulter's font of knowledge?

is it just me, or is anyone else running across webloggers having their apple 'airports' dying early unnatural deaths? in random surfing, i must have come across six. the fact that most are also complaining of hot weather ... is there a correlation? a reader points me in a direction that may help y'all: how to repair a broken base station and repairing a dead airport base station. if you've already bought a second one, you might experiment on the first ...

reuters: stocks stage a late rally. in spite of this, talked to a couple more people today whose retirement accounts are wiped out. amazingly, apathy remains. maybe all gumption was bled out of americans during the clinton impeachment process; i really don't understand it.

a thing of beauty, booknotes.

after my short rant on classical radio, anita left a note about king.org. i'm running the realplayer feed now, quite happily.

the spectator: perfidious belgium. "the belgian government had made a deal with the gia terrorists, agreeing to turn a blind eye to conspiracies hatched on belgian soil in exchange for immunity from attack." good lord. read about the 'quick citizenship' bill. thanks, jj.

cw360: viruses will overrun the internet in five years, says expert.

racewatch, tour stage nine.

upi: bypass surgery linked to brain damage.

nandotimes: ceremony ends fresh kills landfill search.

guardian.uk: did reinhold messner leave his brother to die on nanga parbat? no evidence; just 'affidavits'.

black world today: bush begins to lose steam. interesting, esp. after reading the foreign policy article below.

star tribune: flash art gets a following online.

apparently there's some genetic engineering contamination issue going on in new zealand.

sf gate: classical music, tuning up for the 21st century. i can give you a single excellent reason for the demise of classical stations: the radio advertisement. i was trying to enjoy sunday's playlist on the local classical station, but each piece was interrupted by a volume-goosed, reverb-drenched advertisement of 'crazy eddy' calibre. completely out-of-place on a classical station, jarring. the aural version of the BLINK tag. i expect the good taste to translate from the playlist to the format of advertisements.

washington post: redesigning our obstacle course. could someone please design an attractive anti-tank jersey barrier?

the age.au: the art of evil. to own a hitler painting.

foreign policy: the eagle has crash-landed. worth your time to read ... "a lone superpower that lacks true power, a world leader nobody follows and few respect, and a nation drifting dangerously amidst a global chaos it cannot control." endless nuggets of valuable information. highly recommended; in fact, i'll call this the 'link of the day.' just for reference, a couple of cv's for wallerstein, one [with extensive bibliography and article list], two. i've also mentioned fernand braudel's books here before; if you want to really understand the underlying roots of history, you could do far worse than giving 'the structures of everyday life' trilogy a glance.

the spectator: review of a book attacking the 'myth' of the convent.

ny times: yousuf karsh is dead.

santa fe new mexican: drought, policies are the death of wildlife. our animal population is suffering mightily, at the combination.

ny times opinion: rick bass, the thirty years' war.

ny times: bidding the interstate goodbye. nice article, but it's been done before, and better. read 'blue highways', by william least heat moon.

ny times: how springsteen 'beats' file-sharing.

ny times: a father's grief makes fighting forest fires safer. i guess for most people, you have to see a forest fire to begin to understand it. as i've said before, try outrunning a fire moving 3 mph when you have a 20 degree slope to climb at 7000 feet of altitude. you aren't going to make it.

times of india: u.s. government unrivalled champion at 'cooking the books.' somehow, this sounds like a.p. is trying to soften the impact, by saying 'even the government does it.' that certainly doesn't make it right.

ny times: in sharp change, governors share their woes on budgets. an old quote from david stockman, about the reagan deficit: "a noisy faction of republicans have wilfully denied this giant mistake ['excessive imprudent tax cutting'] of fiscal governance and their own culpability in it ever since. instead, they have incessantly poisoned the political debate with a mindless stream of anti-tax venom, while pretending that economic growth and spending cuts alone could cure the deficit." [new perspectives quarterly, march 22, 1993]

ny times: a closer look at martha stewart's trades.

ny times: stocks slump for the sixth straight day.

cnn: states take hits in business scandals. "republicans counter that the corporate crisis has no ties to any political party." pffft. booknotes linked an article which illuminates how heavily linked the republican party is to big business.

cnn: teenager shot in the head in gun show accident. grist for the mill.

cnn: way down upon the pee dee river, things are looking dry.

cnn: senators: release records on bush stock sale.

making rather merry yesterday. thanks to all who remembered, sent wishes and cards.