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thu 18 jul 02

ananova: dumb kids. police shocked as youths build barricade on train tracks. pictures.

isaac asimov, on 'what writers go through.' may have been linked around before, i don't know. but if you weblog, it's worth the read.

reuters: stocks slide.

cnn: u.s. schools eye texas schoolbook dustup.

ah, *finally.* i see sonnet's going to release a pci g4 800mhz accelerator card next month. $390 bucks. os x compatible. can i keep the 8500 limping along?

a new front has been opened on the battle with 'al-mouseda' terrorists. they've eaten away the seal at the left corner of the garage door. i made a patch with metal foil (supposedly mice don't like to chew metal), but they've eaten right through it. glitter all over the floor. the drought continues to drive animals to herculean efforts in the fulfillment of their reproductive cycles. time to reset the traps.

fascinating to see how lack of sleep messes with the mind. i've tried to call the same number three times, having the correct one in my head ... but my fingers are dialing a different, more familiar one.

zdnet.uk: wind-up phone charger arrives in u.k. now, when will america get the 'pedal-television', to cure obesity in children?

new scientist: gm crop dna found in human 'gut bugs.' "... overall findings are reassuring rather than alarming ..." right.

openoffice.org 1.01.

the register: mac users outraged. predictable. but the information here is good, esp. in reference to the bsd upgrade for os 11. maybe next year is when i'll contemplate upgrading my mac hardware again.

nandotimes: "the house voted wednesday to increase funds for the national endowment for the arts, the agency that conservatives once tried to eliminate because they said it used taxpayer money to back obscene or blasphemous art."

bbc: raphael behind madonna painting.

ny times letters to the editor: 'infectious greed' and the 'binge.'

ny times editorial: congressional cowardice. "it is always troubling when special interests call the shots on capitol hill, but it is particularly disturbing that they are being allowed to hijack significant reform legislation." my italics. how about, instead, "i'm mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore!"

ny times: in backyards, starry appeal.

ny times: raise the monitor!

ny times: republicans point corporate abuse finger at democrats. of course, ignoring history before scape-clinton. this is getting really, really old. reaganomics let this beast out of the dungeon, kiddies. taxes on the rich were reduced [the stockman 'trojan horse', accelerated depreciation, tax breaks for multinationals, etc.], restraints on corporate mergers and acquisitions were removed, environmental and labor standards were watered-down ... tell me when to stop.

ny times: daughter of jeb bush is sent to jail. xanax is mildly addictive, but more so if you have an anxiety disorder. i wonder what the 'real' story is on this poor girl.

ny times: bollywood farce. "america is good country, and i understand people are afraid of people who look different."

ny times: poll finds concerns that bush is overly influenced by business. ah, polls are polls. take from this what you will, but i'm heartened that americans are beginning to wake up.

santa fe new mexican: more evidence of the depletion of our precious aquifer. all is not well.

reuters: armstrong siezes tour lead in mountains. 12 seconds. it's a long way to paris, no?

cnn: small planes still violate d.c. airspace. yes, but take a t.c.a. or any other 'positive control' area, and compare how many 'incursions' there are, before panicking folks.

cnn: angelina jolie's marriage to billy bob thornton is 'on the rocks.' ok, who couldn't see this coming?

got done uploading at around 2 a.m.; forgive my sluggishness this morning.