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fri 19 jul 02

the progressive: stop the war before it starts. "washington has refused to consider a lifting of sanctions, however, even though the 1991 gulf war cease-fire resolution, which the united states helped to write, specifies that sanctions will be lifted when the disarmament mandate is completed."

mother jones: the department of energy wants you pushing a radioactive baby stroller? "the plan calls for setting an exposure standard below which irradiated metals would be deemed 'safe' and suitable for release. because radiation levels would be low, the reasoning goes, there would be no need for labels identifying that the materials came from nuclear reactors or weapons facilities -- even if they end up in homes, offices, and schools."

in these times: dithering democrats. ack. i'm losing hope.

ny times: a loss of faith in the market.

happy three, anil.

gee, can you tell i've got feedreader churning again? i hear a bell ringing. time to salivate.

happy domainversary, splorp.

vnunet likes dreamweaver mx. '87% of the u.s. professional web development market?' how did they determine that one?

telegraph.uk: scientists find 'fear gene.'

nandotimes: west nile virus reaches oklahoma, nebraska and texas. new mex is next, i guess. not many skeeters in the desert, however.

nj.com: rumsfeld ordered an investigation into who leaked the iraq plan to the ny times. you mean, they don't use the clancy 'canary trap'? [patriot games]

guide to drive-in movie theatres.

journal of applied treknology.

the register: john cocke, one of the architects of the risc processor, has died.

fortune: the puzzle that is harken. another rabbit hole ... how far does it go?

ny times: selloff sends dow to lowest level in four years. lower than the reaction to september 11. the administration should fight this 'war' as vigorously.

broomeman now moves to the moveable type beat.

zdnet: apple upgrades low-end imac, and a build-to-order option on the emac.

the american prospect: can liberals save capitalism ... again? "and when bill clinton vetoed newt gingrich's bill that made it almost impossible for investors to sue for securities fraud, congress, with the support of many democrats, passed it over clinton's veto." lest you believe i think dems are blameless.

ctnow: a case of the g.o.p. jitters. senior republicans are walking towards the rack of life preservers. not running, mind you, just walking.

the national republican congressional committee report on social security privatization.

onlamp: building gui apps with pythoncard and pycrust.

dpreview: forgent to get rich from jpeg. the patent beast opens it's bloody maw, once again.

freshmeat: apache file manager 0.17, xmltools [python].

slashdot: the 100th anniversary of ... air conditioning.

perl 5.8.0.

times of india: u.s. slaps china, india firms for selling iran and iraq arms. of course, we would never do such a thing ... and never our patriot republicans.

times of india: malaysia calls u.s. action against iraq 'undemocratic.'

guardian.uk: where are our political protest songs? i was thinking about this the other day, intending to do a little surfing to find out the state of 'protest folk.'

times of india: keep religion and politics separate. "... stressed that terrorism is wrong no matter under which religious guise it comes." interesting point; never heard it put quite that way. maybe the 'war on terrorism' would be more accurate if named 'war on fundamentalism' ... but if we did that, we'd have to bear a close watch on those who lead the movement.

ny times opinion: when corn becomes king. sounds more like a dictator.

ny times: 36 hours in jackson, wyoming.

ny times: the plague of locusts is here? i haven't seen that many, but the summer's not over yet.

ny times: trade deficit hits record.

ny times: dollar falls, gold rises.

reuters: armstrong stuns rivals in second mountain stage win ... in a row. but then, you knew the race really begins in the mountains.

reuters: stocks wilt.

reuters: where did the internet's wise-cracking stock pickers go? one guess ... standing in line at the automat?

reuters: floppy televisions. roll 'em up when you're done.

reuters: conagra 'recalls' 18.6 million pounds of ground beef. chicken. barbecued chicken this weekend ...

cnn: pb4y tanker goes down. i'll bet this was the same one flying over my house prior to monsoon season. i can't help but wonder about the stress on the aged airframe. thank you for your hard work, and godspeed, folks.

cnn: 'thunderbirds' are go ... as live action.