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sat 20 jul 02

nothing else to offer today, but this, hopefully worth the size of the pic to load:

storm dropping precip on the east side of the sandia crest, 7/20/02

zdnet: senate stops p2p, so should you. but don't dump web apps into that same category, please.

kim kommando: investigating people.

environmental news network: julia butterfly hill arrested and deported from ecuador. as much as i agree with her stance, foreign countries aren't the places for civil disobedience. they use guns instead of lawyers.

globe and mail: human rights have eroded since sept. 11. our reduction in civil liberties encourages knockouts in other countries.

freshmeat: document manager.

slashdot: hot rod your cd-rw drive.

times of india: a school for flirting.

ny times opinion: the road to perdition, and losing my stake. read the last one, especially.

ny times letters to the editor: scientists and terrorists.

ny times: bush reaffirms that the u.s. "will strike pre-emptively against countries developing weapons of mass destruction."

ny times: evidence against moussaoui called 'weak'? gee, what would happen in a military tribunal, then?

ah, i see the green party is making national news. the greens are very strong in new mexico, stronger than anywhere else in the country that i know of. new york times article. santa fe new mexican article. kind of sad to see this, however: "lest anyone think the greens are beyond reproach, said mr. dendahl, now weary of the whole ordeal, it took their leaders almost a month to inform him they would not take the offer, an assertion mr. wilson confirmed."

santa fe new mexican: 45,000 gallons of water lost in break on old pecos trail.

reuters: bush urges congress to act on corporate abuses. a shift of responsibility? bush himself acted decisively on sept. 11. why not a 'tom ridge' for corporate integrity? (just kidding, but you get my point).

boy, that was fun.

ah, slept late. storms are building over the mountains, with towering cloud formations. it's a beautiful july day here in northern new mexico.