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sun 21 jul 02

based on the success of yesterday's pic, here's a quick [and small] shot of one of today's developing storms. too wide for a 28mm; had to quickly tack two together. got a larger version, that i may post later:

storm building, 1:00 pm, July 21

top ten builder.com articles from last month.

environmental news service: conservation groups send a letter to the forest service.

fresno bee: buffalo soldier history on display.

the register: face recognition fails in boston airport.

rented 'the mexican' last night. sat for the last 1/4 of the film, begging for the finish. from the outtakes, you know they edited ... but the final film doesn't show any sign of it.

right on, martin.

globe and mail: men behaving bookishly.

globe and mail: stealth swoosh. nike opens a club as part of a p.r. campaign, with full knowledge that even negative publicity increases brand recognition.

ny times: dowd, a tale of two cities. softball, compared to other pieces. but it's the subject matter, right?

ny times editorial: the confidence crisis. "the most chilling result in last week's new york times/cbs news poll was that 45 percent of the respondents said they thought 'other people are really running the government' ..." that 1980's feeling again.

ny times opinion: stocks are only part of the story. stock performance is not economic performance. yet.

ny times: 'adjusting' posse comitatus.

ny times: no strong voice is heard on bush's economic team.

ny times: flaws in u.s. air war. one must assume the u.s. forces are being 'played' by warlords and 'informants.'

slept late again. gotta finish some zope work today.