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mon 22 jul 02

tomorrow's gonna be a tough day, with little linkage. just a warning.

bbc: well, it's come to this. with public companies' stock going down the tubes, the bbc tells us we can invest in a publicly-traded brothel. and why would you want to? "most public companies can only return dividends of maybe 7% or 8% ... but most of the adult industry makes 60% profits, which means you can pay huge dividends." of course, if it doesn't work out, you can complain about getting screwed twice over ... (sorry, i couldn't resist) ...

the latest zogby poll results.

ny times: second amendment double-standard. "public defenders say they are engaged in a cat-and-mouse game with the government, with the goal of forcing it to articulate its true position."

ny times: u.s. to withhold money from u.n. population fund. "... the administration decided to withhold the aid anyway under a 1984 law that bars foreign operations aid to any organization that the president determines 'supports or participates in the management' of any program of forced abortion or sterilization." note the date; another reagan leftover. the history of the rule.

i believe this lovely machine heralds the coming of comcast, and cable modems to my neighborhood:

laying cable

priceless. spam: "have you thought about your retirement investments lately?"

php 4.2.2. fixes a 'vulnerability' in earlier 4.x releases.

zdnet: china looks to replace windows. open source is 'tao' [the way].

nandotimes: pollution may have caused 15-year african famine. well, that puts a different spin on things. instead of giving pennies to 'feed the children,' one might do more good by using energy-efficient appliances, or converting to wind/solar?

ny times: plans for u.s. black museum advance. long overdue.

iht: review, 'six days of war, june 1967 and the making of the modern middle east.'

ny press: who bought bush's stock? well, i'm sure i didn't.

la times: white house moves to plug leaks. like i said, surprised they're not using the clancy 'canary trap.'

freshmeat: treadinglist [php booklist], php.xpath [!].

wired: science is only now catching up with buddhism.

wired: amd answers the 64-bit question.

slashdot: the jpeg committee is seeking prior art, in the current patent controversy.

national journal: osama, meet your kin, karl marx. oh boy, he's not just dead, he's red.

times of india: hussein's not stupid. two items: iraq, iran swap p.o.w. remains, and a possible arabic parliamentary union meeting on u.s threats against iraq.

the art newspaper: a formula for indifference. judging 'cultural diversity' endeavours.

ny times opinion: the binge mentality in the federal budget. nicely put, though heavy on the social security hot button. but with so many losing their retirement investments (mine included), it's appropriate. it just amazes me that the electorate is still largely apathetic. then again, maybe it's that we all expected social security to be bankrupt by the time we reached collection age. but without our private retirement vehicles ... it would be naive to believe wal-mart and mcdonald's could hire the entire retired baby-boom generation.

ny times: taking the 'rough' out of riding. some places to get on a horse, out west. rubber tires? wimps. and, a dude ranch 'for those on the fence.'

ny times: armstrong falls back, but adds to lead. the american press continues to not understand the tour; this is better than most articles one comes across. the tour is as much about strategy as strength. armstrong didn't have to win the climb; he merely had to maintain or increase his lead over beloki. to blow all his effort on ventoux would be criminally stupid.

ny times: e.p.a. restores money to some superfund sites. worrying about november.

ny times analysis: what will stop the skid on wall street?

ny times: bush again tries to reassure investors. oh, lordy. read his statements.

reuters: is there a bottom? stocks continue to tank. the day isn't over yet ...

cnn: chinese diet pill casualties mount.

i just got a very nice email from 'meta' in the netherlands. it seems she and i are both dutch 'dangerous' metas. synchronicities everywhere. too cool.

that storm i photographed yesterday turned into a multi-lobed monster. by end of day, the entire sky, for as far as i could see in three directions (70-80 miles), was black. we got pounded with rain which started just before nightfall and continued through this morning. if this keeps up, we'll be a rainforest by the middle of august. it's already greener than i remember ...