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wed 24 jul 02

reuters: couples who live together 'split faster.' a whole lot of ways to interpret these results, not just their way.

reuters: henna tattoos containing ppd can trigger allergies, to other substances. europe-only? sunscreen and eye shadow, i'll buy. black clothes? hmmm ... well, they're talking dyes, true.

reuters: traficant gets the boot.

more rainy eve skies:


i vote to deprecate the phrase "such-and-such weighs in on whatever subject." it's overused, totally predictable ... and usually the actual weighing-in is light and fluffy opinion, not the solid fact one would expect.

washington post: the plot thickeners. big-name authors write outlines, hire other writers to finish the books. don't get your knickers in a twist; alexandre dumas père did similar things ... which the author of this item doesn't mention.

doylestown, pennsylvania, makes the washington post.

times of india: 'ashcroft may be overstating terrorist threats.' get this: "if there hadnít been this big-government problem, ashcroft would have been talked about as the bush successor." president ashcroft?!! whoa, baby ...

ny times: stock market bounces back 6%. a few are placing bets on this being the 'end of the slide.'

santa fe new mexican: new mexico faces disaster without water plan. "we are passively but inexorably letting the future of our state be determined by the day-to-day operation of outdated laws, policies, regulations and institutions relating to water."

bbc: rumpole is dead! argh. doff thy wig, and raise a glass of pommeroy's plonk to a great actor. 'she who must be obeyed' will be building a shrine, no doubt ...

early morning meeting, then more work. postings here early afternoon.