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sat 27 jul 02

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mister sun.

the economist: the travails of george bush. "soon the issue of iraq will present itself. any well-founded impression that the timing is governed by domestic political concerns would be ruinous. the bush presidency can cope with a little fading; it cannot cope with a general perception that it cares only for its own survival." well said. even some of our pundits assume iraq will happen before the november elections, for political gain.

zdnet: hotmail 'cleanout' catches members unawares. encouraging folks to move away from free services, microsoft purges mail messages older than 30 days. interesting timing, with the apple $99 controversy.

enn: diesel engine manufacturers fight new pollution standards.

washington post: bush outspent gore during recount controversy. many folks linking this.

freshmeat: simple php database, ipsquad site framework.

slashdot: think python.

forgot to mention; spanish market in santa fe this weekend.

as i've been getting up to speed on xp, broomeman's windows xp section has been invaluable. thank you, sir - your efforts are very much appreciated.

times of india: russia plans 'several' new reactors in iran.

times of india: saw this elsewhere, last week, but here goes. u.s. camp may have trained islamic fighters. "authorities believe the militants chose the camp to take advantage of relatively lax u.s. gun laws." i didn't say it! they did!

times of india: u.s. invites iraqi opposition leaders for talks. august 9.

philly.com: an anthology of women's romantic catastrophes. gotta buy this one: "having a tongue shoved down your throat; rotting teeth; hidden criminal activity; thinking a woman's smile makes her instantly responsible for your emotional well-being; highly evolved sensitive men who watch the lifetime channel and avoid 'guy behavior' ..."

ny times letters to the editor: when considering the risks of a regime change in iraq, don't overlook the rewards. hard as i try, i still look on this with an imperialist slant.

ny times editorial: a bankrupt bill. just a thought, how many people are going bankrupt because of elder care and personal health care costs, that have driven them to ungodly credit card debt? the majority of folks i'm aware of, who've declared bankruptcy, did so for this very reason. a dirty little secret nobody's talking about. this bill could turn us into wage slaves to the charge card companies.

ny times opinion: secrets to a successful sidewalk sashay. i still remember, walking to penn station for the commute home ... a female traffic cop, directing traffic in an intersection, seeing a bike messenger cut through traffic and attempt to blast by her at high speed. one of those guys with thighs the size of redwoods, feet strapped into old-style toeclips, leather hairnet. she took her nightstick and shoved it in his front spokes as he tried to dodge. he knew how to fall and roll, but still hit the ground, hard, in the middle of the intersection. she walked over to him, as he got up, bleeding, and said: "you won't try that again, now, will you?" people on the sidewalk applauded. but i'm sure he did it again. it's tough love in new york city.

ny times: recovery divers find bones in the monitor.

ny times: expecting a rush of bankruptcies.

ny times: the russian tea room closes. after a long renovation, a failure to rekindle interest.

santa fe new mexican: what goes on in the santa fe scottish rites temple. the masons.

reuters: bankruptcy overhaul stalls on abortion provision.

cnn: bad airshow accident in the ukraine.

nice fresh morning, though we had some strong winds earlier.

still no news.