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tue 30 jul 02

are you prepared for the 'frequency fence'? er, um ...

businessweek: buy art for love, not money. how to purchase art, and why.


linuxplanet: burning cd's in linux, tips and tricks.

ny times: amazing secrets of the third rail. mixing subway trains and flywheels. coolness.

ny times: u.s. cities see a rise in homicides. the murder rate in albuquerque has already matched last year's, and we're only halfway through the year.

reuters: red wine may cut heart disease in the obese. *hic* moderate amounts of red wine, that is.

late afternoon storm, saved me from having to water the trees:

late afternoon storm.

reuters: motorcycle deaths drop after helmet law reinstated. and, there were more motorcycle riders as time went by. i'd say that's definitive: 'brain buckets' do save lives. even in my non-helmet state, i always ride with one.

well, i feel like i know a *little* bit more.

looking into that nafta/mexico link my right wing acquaintance mentioned, it seems maquiladoras are what he was talking about - "... foreign-owned companies are allowed to import component parts to be assembled by mexican workers, and then to re-export the finished product almost duty-free."

• the nation, the right and u.s. trade law: invalidating the 20th century.
• maquila solidarity: the fruits of nafta.
• maquila solidarity: dispelling the myths of free trade.

the eric meyer on css haiku contest. via anil.

nj.com: afghan women often jailed for refusing arranged marriages.

hitbox: xhtml revisited.

independent.uk: your immune system may be lower in the morning. that explains why i used to feel great before my train commute to manhattan in the early morn, sit on a train car with half a dozen 'plague victims' for an hour and a half, and come home feeling like trash ...

black world today: washington fumes as canada considers decriminalizing marijuana. "canada's power suppliers have recently complained that they lose millions of dollars a year to these illegal operations, which secretly connect to the power grid in order to power their 24-hour-a-day lights for free." on the flip side, canada might end up with a more docile, stoned constituency. but no, i'm sure congress is going to flap itself silly over this.

bbc: week-old baby raped in south africa. and i thought a nine month old's rape was horrible. anyone oppose the death penalty for the witch doctors who promulgate this?

usa today: congo and rwanda sign peace treaty.

nj.com: emus loose in florida, after market for their meat vanishes. they live up to 30 years.

zdnet: hp has a new set of printers that will give '73 year' archival prints. i'll have to look for specs on these models.

msnbc: air pollution cuts off blood flow to the heart. it is a truly sad state of affairs when you *must* exercise indoors.

arianna online: little guy takes it on the chin ... and in the wallet. "... it's important to note that only 3% of these filings are by people who abuse the system by living extravagant lifestyles and then leaving their creditors holding the bag. The majority are actually low to middle class people who can't pay their bills because they've lost their jobs or been hit with crippling medical bills ..." arianna gets overly creative sometimes, so i don't link her much. but this is a good one. granted, saying people get enticed into credit card scams is appropriate to point out, and charge card checks are designed to look like they're a free ride ... only to find out, they don't get paid off till your entire balance is gone. but everyone has a responsibility to understand that credit card companies are the usurers of the 00's. 'special interest rates' are direct terrorist actions against your [probably nonexistent] savings.

the american prospect: who gets hurt when stocks fall? you young folks, read this paragraph in particular: "nonetheless, even among people aged 55 through 64, the average value of stocks held is less than $50,000. for most people in this age bracket, the biggest form of savings is the equity in one's home." stocks rise and fall, but real estate is tangible and fungible.

linux journal offers artistic immortality.

zdnet.uk: linux invades ipod.

tux reports: top ten essential gnu/linux commands.

telegraph.uk: creatures from another planet. "cats will readily 'learn to learn' when rewarded for their efforts in a clear and effective manner but by the same token they can actually learn not to learn - or not to bother learning - when faced with problems that do not seem to offer straightforward rewards." everything an american ceo needs to know, he can learn from his cat.

vocabula: obscene words. will the 'f' word make it into polite society? is it already there? i can't hear cary grant saying it.

guardian.uk: aesthetics of stonehenge.

times.uk: come on, feel the silence. "do we create noise because silence reminds us of our mortality the eternal silence of the grave?" in the days after sept. 11, walking in the foothills of the sangre de cristos, it was beautifully, refreshingly silent. few cars, no air traffic. less pollution, too. it was a brief moment of peace, oddly enough.

ny times editorial: political fires. hear, hear. controlled burns and thinning; forget the logging profiteering. folks act like the only method for making this kind of endeavour pay off is by commercial logging; not so. back a month or so ago, i linked that story about the outfit who buys the cleared deadwood from gila national forest, to make barbecue chips; there are myriad other uses for the cleared fuels.

ny times opinion: our banana republics. finally, someone calls out whitman in new jersey. florio, her predecessor, cleaned up the mess left by the previous governor, putting the state back in the black. fiscal responsibility didn't sell; tax cuts did ... which gave new jersey whitman. this financial hole was not a 'sudden' revelation. every democrat in the state knew this was going to happen, upon her election.

ny times: recovery efforts on the monitor keep finding new and fascinating details. undocumented features, and a taste for mustard.

ny times: bush energy proposal seeks to 'clear skies' by 2018. "... the proposal was an invitation for companies to avoid cleaning up their plants by resorting to the sort of deceptive bookkeeping now under scrutiny by federal regulators."

ny times: qwest officials made millions in stock sales.

ny times: war on iraq will have a 'profound' effect on the u.s. economy. $80 billion for fighting this fight over again. thanks, g.b. senior.

cnn: the cape cod whales beach themselves again. brings lemmings to mind, somehow.

oh, forgot to mention ... at spanish market, in the 'contemporary' section, caught a glimpse of some nice retablos. upon closer approach, they were made out of old circuit boards from computers. pretty cool, really. the artist also made circuit board bolo ties. he's over in glorieta; i may have to pick one or two up for the old wardrobe.

carson national forest is so rehydrated, they're allowing barbecue grills again.

still waiting. looks like a little smoke in the air to the south? wonder if there's another fire over in arizona ...