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wed 31 jul 02

zdnet: china #2 in web users. probably #1 very soon, recognizing their raw population numbers. i wonder when, and what will happen when, they discover weblogging.

cnet: adobe cuts outlook, shares plunge.


washington post: bush faces questions on offshore affiliates. and don't forget the maquiladoras.

the economist: beware dick gephardt. alas, they are correct. he's unelectable to the presidency, and undesirable as speaker.

ananova: 2,000 year old, six-foot-six warrior found in kazakhstan. konan the kazakh?

nice old truck:

nice old truck.

krqe: new mexico senator blasts forest service. "it found that nearly half the projects designed to reduce fire risks in national forests since 2001 were stalled by appeals, usually by environmentalists seeking to stop logging." and, locations of large wildland fires, a map.

i guess the fire at mesa verde may be the one giving us some haze. 0% contained.

john releases an update to his metadata plugin. full text indexing for manila, and more.

i know *exactly* what you mean, bump.

msnbc/newsweek: how to look good in white pants. after walking around spanish market, i figured posting this might preserve some folks' aesthetic sensibilities. there was significant white bloat on parade.

us news: making a stink. "over half of the 5.6 million tons of sewage sludge generated each year in this country gets recycled into our soil. this sludge, also known by the more bureaucratic term "biosolids," is rich enough in nutrients to be used as fertilizer but toxic enough to warrant regulation."

washington post: leaving the states in the lurch. states are hurting, while the bush administration still talks tax cuts.

gramophone: painting music.

"the ultimate computer chair." aw, he should have sprung for a recaro.

business 2.0: the best things in tech are free.

freshmeat: kblog [php/mysql], really slick screensavers, sciparam [python], imapfilter.

some entertaining letters to the register.

slashdot: ars technica reviews mozilla. as i've stated before, mozilla is my primary browser. the tab interface has made itself invaluable in my daily zope work. the zmi sits in one tab, the page worked on in another ... and all my weblogging paraphernalia in other tabs.

the national post roasts foucault. wait for the french article debasing canadian intellectuals.

guardian.uk: the british library closed by a strike, for the first time.

la times: as trust ebbs, picture darkens.

times of india: u.s. homeland security hits a snag.

times of india: london to spy on its motorists. "there is a lot at stake for london, say city planners, who bewail the laughable official figures, which put the average london car speed at marginally slower than the 19th century horse and cart."

ny times letters to the editor: the unsung bureaucrat. "... recent events indicate that we may be a good deal better at carrying out our responsibilities than many in the much-vaunted private sector."

ny times: economic growth slowed sharply in second quarter. "this is still a pretty punk recession, but it looks more like a traditional recession now." the economist covers the same news, with more depth, titled "wobbling."

ny times: studies show an unknown form of matter may exist ... but, we may never know what it is. "... the bush administration has decided to end their financing after this year."

ny times: speak of the devil! the ford excursion seems to be at the end of its run.

santa fe new mexican: city to make plaza a 'pedestrian zone.' america's auto-tyranny doesn't belong in downtown santa fe, esp. in an age of s.u.v. behemoths. the narrow streets just aren't up to it.

santa fe new mexican: walking from mexico to canada, entirely on public lands. it gets harder each year, but it's still doable.

santa fe new mexican: perfect counterpoint to the below link. santa fe shelter sees an increase in homeless folk over 60. why? "the rise in the number of elderly homeless people in the last few years has been the result of the declining availability of affordable housing, the increased cost of prescription medicine and poverty ..."

ny times: senate rejects prescription drug benefit for the elderly. looks like the 'blue dog' dems voted against. 'course, there's a philosophical argument attached: "senate rules required 60 votes for passage because the plan costs more than the $300 billion allotted by the budget congress passed last year."

cnn: biden doubts offensive against iraq will begin this year.

reuters: powell meets north korean foreign minister, breaks ice. the u.s. is "the kingpin of evil." tit for tat, eh?

tuxreports gives this weblog a nice review. thanks! but i'm sure someone will disqualify me because this site runs on freebsd/zope ... but my image server runs linux, so everything's ok, right?

woke up this morning, interesting thoughts plaguing my mind. so colin powell's having problems? interesting timing, with other 2004 candidates beginning to make noise. would he jump if economic numbers continue to tank? i just wonder; 2004, a mccain/powell ticket, as independents. think george would have a chance?

huh? wah? woke up late this morning.