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thu 01 aug 02

ny times: evolution of a perfectionist. alfred stieglitz.

ny times: figure skating braces for more allegations. "we have recorded a conversation in which the suspect indicates that six judges may have been involved." wow.

ananova: the earth is getting heftier around the middle. "dynamic oblateness" ... i'll have to remember that term.

ananova: message-in-a-bottle travels from canada to wales in ... 22 years.

local weather says it is a cold front moving through. a slow beast, this one.

the sandia crest is behind this range, but you can't tell because of the dust:

schmutz from wind.

the winds have picked up like crazy here all afternoon; dust obscures the mountains. i hope this isn't the case up at that mesa verde fire.

craig at booknotes will be back tomorrow.

iht: without ethics in society, capitalism fails. note the author. "what fools we are when we think we can legislate away human immorality." i resort to core beliefs, primarily integrity and responsibility. our corporate malefactors mortgaged both to their naked greed.

reuters: adobe drops 30%.

and, iht: russia and china call for u.n. lead on iraq policy. "it isn't so much that the military are reluctant to do this, as their fear that they're going to be asked to do it with far too few forces on the basis of optimistic projections, of being committed to fighting a war where there is no clear plan for nation-building, no clear plan to deal with the strategic aftermath." nation-building. iraq would be the second, really. ironic.

reuters: iraq invites chief u.n. weapons inspector to baghdad.

cnn: lean state budgets spur tuition hike. more fallout.

kottke.org: lemmings at internet speed. i laughed out loud at the last two. gotta join in ... the whole lemmings-over-the-cliff bit is myth, which adds another layer to this. sounding off a car horn would disturb them from their natural course, migration. in the face of this wrong assumption on the horn-blower's part, the attempt at altruism becomes an act of egoism - as interpreted by the lemmings ["get your s.u.v. out of my way, fleshbag"]. fun with metaphors.

pagesix: the hagar/roth tour was more blood than roses. "we were all on the same plane to go to a show in dallas, and dave's hair was brown underneath his hat ... the night of the show it was raving platinum. i'd hate to be there when he puts that thing on."

msnbc: u.s. will have to go it alone against iraq.

cnn moneyline: consumer confidence plunges. double-dip?

new newsgroup: alt.aviation.paper-planes.

this made me wonder ... how would you explain the flavor of coke to someone who's never had it? my mind goes completely blank.

the new republic: the coming democratic dominance. via metafilter.

missed this: ny daily news, harken used the caymans as a tax haven while bush was on board.

ny times: the 'tomb raider' sequel will be filming on santorini.

cnn on television has been saying this guy [via reuters] is a suspect now in the anthrax attacks. maybe this will put to bed some of the right-wing theories about iraq's involvement, and whackier suppositions. to me, the clincher would be if he knew the trenton/princeton/montgomery corridor, either via college or other experience. circumstantial, i know, but decisive, in my mind. the letter addresses betrayed at least a casual knowledge of the area.

abconline.au: global warming causing 'giant squid blowout.' maybe folks will begin to get some hugs when they swim.

highrankings.com: little interesting bits about using layers for search engine optimization.

bbc: "russia must end iran nuclear deal." the continuing story of bush's good buddy pootie-poot, and the axis of evil.

bbc: a gm vaccine for 'turista'?

smartpros: how to launder money. put in washer, in a lingerie bag, gentle cycle, woolite.

mac observer: openoffice is coming to os x, but not staroffice. confusing, i know.

never seen a pic of clint eastwood's daughter before.

voa: china says it will not renounce use of force against taiwan. china, as i understand it, is moving towards the same 'doctrine of pre-emption' that the bush administration is. they fully understand american military power, given the recent experience of the gulf and afghan wars. if we thrust at iraq, it's a perfect time for china to grab taiwan back, don't you think? especially after depleting our arms reserves on afghanistan. pre-emption works both ways; it knows no ethics.

miami herald: rumsfeld defends u.s war in afghanistan against criticism. "sen. max cleland, d-ga., said he was frustrated that the united states has not 'found osama bin laden and his terrorist cadre.'"

martin gets a mention on techtv!

zdnet: amd and fujitsu to make flash memory.

cnet: i passed by a link mentioning gore using google, now lloyds is also partaking of googlish popularity.

environmental news network: the sting of recognition. paint different patterns on a wasp, it won't be familiar to others.

sacramento bee: buckley, on breaking bones.

nj.com: museums begin to gingerly exhibit artifacts from wtc.

la daily news: cirque meets symphony.

mac dev center: the mac os x open source tools collection.

lwn finds out that people care.

linuxworld: ion, a minimalist window manager.

freshmeat: kvim, xmltype.

slashdot: openssh package trojaned. be careful with it.

public interest: the death, and life, of american cities.

chronicle of higher ed: copyright as cudgel. say goodbye to 'fair use.'

ny times editorial: the fragile recovery. [rapping knuckles on side of head] "hello? anybody in there?"

ny times letters to the editor: the baghdad option: the debate gathers steam. oh, some of these are juicy.

ny times: time to update first aid guides on how to treat snakebites. don't cut-and-suck, don't ice it. just get to a hospital, as soon as possible.

ny times: experts warn of high risk in proposed iraq invasion.

ny times: are higher rates what the market needs? oh yes, *do* that. before november, please.

santa fe new mexican: deaths raise wasting-disease concerns. you may want to avoid elk and deer meat, until this is cleared up ... though it looks like the problem may have existed since the '80's.

cnn reveals that traficant sports a toupee. moralize at will.

big day yesterday. this weblog came up in a mention in a slashdot discussion. 'tis true, i purposely engineer threads that only longtime readers can appreciate. but i think even the casual reader finds things of interest on occasion.

august already. boy, those fires really shot my plans for the summer. i'd best get my rear in gear and get up to the wilderness.