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fri 02 aug 02

wondering if that six megapixel will replace your film cameras? check this site out. maybe i will trade in my f4, f3 and sundry other film devices for that fuji s2 pro.

metafilter roasts bill moyers for his drunken driving arrest. "i heard that they found the remains of joseph campbell in his stomach." tacky as that was, i almost snorted my soda [look at previous mefi posts to understand the comment]. fact is, he was just over the legal limit. bad luck. he might have been talking with his passengers and weaving, or he might have been tired, too. but the cop breathalyzed him, and the story's over. the right-wingers are gonna eat this man alive. later: alwin pointed out my misperception; i personally have very low tolerance, and viewed this incident in that light. since looking at blood alcohol level charts on the web, it seems a .10 needs four to six drinks in the hour before. if that were me, i would be sick, not driving. mr. moyers showed poor judgment, expected at this level of intoxication - but his friends showed worse, by allowing him behind the wheel.

for those of you who use homesite or program on windows, bradbury topstyle pro 3.0 has been released. later: hey, css freaks, this thing interactively shows you how compatible with ie/netscape/opera your css is. ns4, ns6, o5, css1, ie4. wow. i just might be in love ... i won't have to take up precious brain space anymore. [look at the bottom of the tag inspector, here. they're greyed out, but you get the idea.] even later: even has a w3c validator button and 'convert html style blocks to external style sheet' ... more and more to discover.

iht: the game of go, and computing's future. to say nash got started solely by a game of go is misleading, discounting von neumann and morgenstern's extensive prior work. nash was vaguely familiar at the oscars, but this picture brought him to mind instantly. i'll bet any kid who grew up in princeton when i did will remember him.

reuters: a federal judge on friday rejected efforts by the bush administration to resist handing over documents related to a white house energy task force headed by vice president dick cheney. "coffin disclosed in court that cheney 'may have invited' secretary of state colin powell to participate. larry klayman, chairman of judicial watch, said that raised questions about whether energy policy had influenced bush's war on terrorism." nice to see the judicial watch bulldog turned in the other direction for once, isn't it?

cnn: judge: u.s. must release names of those detained in 9/11 probe.

as soon as i clean up the interface a bit, i'll make zcatalog available to you readers, so you can search the site. i obviously need to do something about metadata on my posts; this is a bear without ...

found the article on khidir hamza and iraqi nukes. may, 2002. got zcatalog working. the original link was found via broomeman.com. rather than being a 'sudden' shaft of clairvoyance, this is old news ... this guy's been around since '96. the turkish report in may, however, is more significant.

i really need to get a search function going on this site. i know i linked a story about the iraqi defector, claiming iraq's getting close to nuclear development, a long while ago. some folks are treating it as current news. google's failing me.

courier-mail.au: the japanese pick the top 20 atrocities and war crimes in history. the u.s. bombings of nagasaki and hiroshima top the list, which i guess is predictable. after all, they look at it from the other side of the bomb sight ...

foodnavigator: usda looks at 'damage limitation.' so now they're pushing mandatory meat irradiation. amazing what goes on this country; surfing with an aggregator is really a cold shower sometimes.

nj.com: thousands gather in eastern afghanistan to protest interim government. and from the ny times, 50 dead in ethnic fighting in western afghanistan. nation-building isn't a picnic. anyone dim enough to think iraq will be easier?

zdnet: taking the air out of popups.

the american sign museum.

godecookery: medieval recipes.

science daily: new alloy could make for more efficient, lower emission cars.

common dreams: outgoing u.n. human rights commissioner says 'america forced me out.' "asked if mr. vieira de mello was expected to avoid confrontation with the u.s., the official said: 'the short answer is yes, and the long answer is yes.'"

absolute arts: biofeel.

guardian.uk: little richard to retire.

dpreview finally posts a fuji finepix s2 pro review. top of the heap. i'll take it.

there was an update to html::mason a couple of days ago. for those who like their cms's perl-escent.

slashdot: mysql 4 ... is it stable? the discussion runs into differences between postgresql and mysql, too.

toronto star: the reunion of the tolstoys. as with all family gatherings, i'm sure it will be an event of war and peace ...

independent.uk: the campaign against vibrato. oof. where would rock and roll be, if you threw away the 'whammy bar?'

reasononline: is art sullied by technology? i will remain skeptical of hockney's theory until they find references in personal notes, or actually find this 'flood' of camera lucidas. but does technology truly diminish art? i look at an oil painting, and i know it's canvas, cadmium red, etcetera; i look at older digital artwork, and i can tell if it's done with adobe illustrator 3, pixelpaint 32, etcetera. the latter bothers me and the former does not. i know it was the artist's vision, at that time, so it's a valid expression. but i just can't get over the 'knowing which version of software' hurdle.

nandotimes: one architect's vision is another critic's eyesore. i'm a traditionalist. princeton university built 'interpretations' on the gothic theme, which just don't do much for me. in a historical/artistic center like florence, i can clearly imagine the angst over this.

ny times editorial: dubya's double dip?

ny times letters to the editor: u.n. special conferences: wasted breath? note the author.

ny times: earlier safety reviews proposed for gene-altered crops. if approved by a 'preliminary safety assessment', then "low levels that inadvertently leaked into the food supply would not be cause for alarm or recalls." great, just what we need ... no disclosure. and now, canola has had some cross-contamination.

ny times: looks like nothing else will get passed this year; the republicans need something to hang dems with for the upcoming election, so obstruction in the senate is a theme. *new ideas* would be better than carping about parliamentary procedure.

ny times: experts put a large price tag on rebuilding iraq. "... should be prepared to help install and protect a pro-american government ..." devil's advocate here. if the iraqi people then turn around and freely elect a government that's not pro-american, what then? i assume we're replacing saddam with a democracy, after all, not another dictator.

ny times says hatfill is *not* a suspect, while the fbi tosses his apartment. so cnn on television misstated yesterday, and i misstated here as well.

ny times: only 6,000 jobs added in july, sign of a slowing economy.

santa fe new mexican: safe and sound. even on a day hike, it's good to take some emergency overnight stuff. the man had a gps unit, but it looks like he overstretched his capabilities. always put aside pride, and backtrack to your last known landmark when you're lost.

santa fe new mexican: pueblos may regain part of their ancestral lands. santa clara and san ildefonso.

reuters: stanley won't re-incorporate in bermuda. not mentioned here, but i wonder if sales have taken a hit.

cnn: eat less, live longer.

cnn: fbi wants polygraphs for lawmakers. "The selective, inappropriate leaking of snippets of information risks undermining national security, and it risks undermining the promises made to protect this sensitive information." obviously, we've got material from foreign intelligence agencies, which this kind of leak would expose.

winds are calmer this morning, and i can see the mountains again.

tgif. can i survive the day?