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tue 06 aug 02

hack your aibo.

utne reader: launch your own media empire. not about weblogging, but might as well be.

the atlantic monthly: july 1982, "living with a computer." "block move." i'd forgotten, taken all our advances for granted. doing columns on an amtext-jacquard 425, using 'traces.' visicalc on the apple 3. big bucks for those 40 meg jasmine hard drives for my mac plus ... how far we've come! and check the prices ... i take back all my b-tching and moaning.

the economist draws its line in the sand, and reluctantly comes out for war with iraq.

obviously, the neighbors couldn't agree even on paint (on canyon road, not a retouch job):

nice duo.

highways.tv. road information, if you're travelling.

topxml: back up outlook mail as xml. not outlook express, though.

topxml: processing large xml documents.

linuxplanet: the new standard for web development: free software.

space.com: science and history of the perseid meteor shower (popup hades).

ananova: "sir alan." though greenspan may be playing mordred if he can't pull us out of the downward spiral.

women's enews: top think tanks in washington d.c. remain "boy's clubs." one of 10 leading research organizations boasts a majority of women in senior research jobs.

health 24: lose pregnancy weight, or face obesity.

black world today: scandals will cost billions, hurt global trust in markets. "consumption will be dampened by the so-called 'wealth effect' - feeling poorer, consumers will spend less, which discourages investment and employment. anticipation of less consumer spending will also cause firms to slow investment."

sunspot: africa suspicious of gm corn, even during famine. "... the grain is widely consumed in america." again, is that true? gm corn got into taco bell taco shells, and all hell broke loose. are we consuming gm corn right now? i don't think so - but i darn sure want to find out. anybody know if we're consuming starlink, except via feed to livestock? later: well, it looks like it's too late to complain. we're already inundated. i'll shut my cakehole now, and continue to buy organic.

cnet news.com: stocks rally as hope for rate cut mounts. unfortunately, the rate cut won't be anything more than a morale boost, according to what i've been reading.

freshmeat: software 4 open communities.

linuxtoday: july 2002 netcraft server survey. outrage! zope's in the wrong place, given the numbers.

ny times: florida court bars the use of vouchers.

reuters: sprint pcs to offer cell internet access.

cnn: court upholds man's use of eagle feathers for religous worship.

page six: fashion week. slide shows categorized by designer. see what you won't be wearing this fall.

zdnet: seeking a common e-commerce tongue.

sacbee: william buckley, saddam hussein, man or mouse? "it really looks as though war or peace depends on whether mohamed atta talked in prague with a princeling of saddam hussein." watch ... that theoretical link to sept. 11, once ignored, will become more and more important in coming weeks.

iht: julia child turns 90.

iht: power pedicures. 'fashion's toehold on men's feet.'

rootprompt: a revolution in search tech and design.

washington post: how independent are independents? not very. same goes for 'independent' webloggers, too.

linuxplanet: using raid in linux.

o'reilly: basic article on revitalizing your pc.

freshmeat: the tamber project, linux firewall.

the register: linux sales fell in 2001, but still 'on track.'

slashdot: digital restrictions management for p2p.

independent.uk: the chick lit conspiracy.

the age.au: the shakespeare mystery continues to generate conspiranoia theories.

times.uk: scenes of the flesh.

chronicle of higher ed: safety pin as signifier. punk in culture. try 'superchick, barlow girls.'

ny times letters to the editor: al gore's prescription for america. the second letter reminds me that the rise of clinton also hailed the 'new democrats,' with closer ties to big business than any democrats before him.

ny times letters to the editor: how the states are run. er, florio cleaned up the overspend/tax cut mess of the repub gov before him, you dorks.

ny times editorial: ending secret detentions.

ny times: u.n. and congress rebuff iraq's inspection invitation.

ny times: bush wants abm case treaty dropped.

ny times: bush reviews iraq attack options.

santa fe new mexican: it's official, the race for governor will be three-way, with the green party on the ballot.

santa fe new mexican: neighborhood blames ailments on chemicals. yep, ddt's harmless and chemicals are good for you, right? check the picture, but not if you've just eaten.

santa fe new mexican: a bull snake draws the curtain on a santa fe opera performance.

reuters: women to worship the goddess of beer. er, the sumerian goddess, nankasi.

reuters: alaskan natives hard-hit by quick-killing cancers.

cnn: martha's story questioned.

cnn: nyc workers stole millions after sept. 11. "credit union officials soon realized they could not properly monitor the computer network that handles automated teller transactions. but they decided to allow withdrawals without the normal banking safeguards so they would not offend members affected by the tragedy." they did something good, counting on the integrity of the people in the days after the tragedy. surprisingly, these people 'looted' a computer system, that records transactions. how dumb can you get?

cnn: the monitor's gun turret is raised from the sea bed, after 140 years.

german propaganda archive, early nazi posters and nazi posters. christian symbolism was carried through from hitler's speeches, interestingly. the 'der jude' posters are quite disturbing. via pelican.

thunderstorms last night. glorious.