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fri 09 aug 02

yeah, well ... i wanted to share the sunset, sort of an 'off to the right' view, 'cause i liked the clouds:

sunset, 8/9/02

speakin' of which, i got more important things to do than stare at type on a crt. it's getting close to indian market here in santa fe, which means ... things to do! people to meet! mischief to get into! ciao, boobie ...

spoons as mirrors, needs cropping:

spoons as mirrors

then again, i should just leave things to the experts, and concentrate on what's on my plate.

digging around, i see the military has been experimenting with radiation-detection satellites, and has better than one-meter resolution on photographic satellites ... as well as drone technology. if i were the cia, i'd have operatives in hospitals, to gather information about bio and chem warfare [we're not talking u.s. funds or tech here; there will be contamination if they're manufacturing]. if iraq has put production facilities underground, as rumsfeld insists, how can we detect such production remotely? i wonder ...

a guardian (uk) commentary takes a contrary position to the economist: the logic of empire. heck, since before the election was over, webloggers were discussing if george jr. could find some excuse to finish his father's work. but this article smooths over jaggedness that needs to be addressed more comprehensively. i'm still amazed the iraqis talked about inspections again this week, after the u.s. admitted putting spies on the inspection teams.

this is interesting. every so often, i randomly come across weblogs claiming to be 'libertarian', who are pro-war. yet the libertarian party puts out a press release that the invasion of iraq is 'totally unjustified.' also, check libertarian party issues. don't make my mistake: be sure you're reading a real libertarian.

fridays are always slow on the weblog, crazy in the office.

the moreover stream in my aggregator isn't responding, so this'll be it for a while.

zdnet: the free ride is over, thank goodness. er, what is your definition of 'free press'? as fires blew towards my home, i could not get vital information easily, because of registration or subscription requirements.

guardian.uk: methane eating lifeform may halt global warming. as neat as this sounds, one must always temper such efforts with our greatest 'successes,' such as kudzu.

sacbee: george will, 'war ordinance.' you'll excuse me if i digress for a minute. this whole pre-emption theory bugs me. sounds like if i have a neighbor with a vicious dog, who has let the beast out to terrorize my kids on occasion [or if i believe his dog just looks mean], the doctrine of pre-emption says that i can not only go over and shoot the dog, but i can shoot the *owner* as well [regime change]. and afterwards, i'm allowed to avail myself freely of his property? also, spend some time to figure out how to duck my responsibility to his surviving family. then again, there's another neighbor who looks threatening while he's weed-whacking; i'd best grab my 9mm ... though, am i seeing a threat, or do i just want to confiscate his new bmw? with the doctrine of pre-emption, who's going to stop me? ah, there are so many ways to spin my pre-emption acquisitions ... but what happens to me, when my neighbors follow my lead? a slippery slope.

ananova: norway rejects u.s. call for immunity from war crimes.

ny times: a villager bicycles back in time, alla romana. rome, if you want to ...

linux journal: openldap with linux and windows.

ibm developerworks: freevsd. not a typo.

freshmeat: centericq [trillian-style im], openratings [php/mysql].

slashdot: terrasoft ships macs with linux preinstalled. choice is a good thing.

slashdot: lasers for pain-free dentistry.

slashdot: build your own tesla coil.

times.uk: v.s. naipaul, "i had no idea that madness in the islamic world had gone so far." "the madness of people who have fallen behind technically, and who do not have the will to make the intellectual effort to catch up."

smh.au: secondhand bookstores moving to cyberspace.

csm: cirque and blue man go mass market. say what you will, i believe nothing equals cirque's "0".

andante: xm and serius satellite radio seems to be doing well.

ny times letters to the editor: can workers save the market? #3 made me think ... this was my experience, in my last on-staff job.

ny times: more human remains found in the monitor's gun turret. personally, i wonder if they'll find the remains of a child or two. young boys were used as "powdermonkeys", agile and small.

ny times: neediest schools receive less money. one could imagine that schools that are unable to meet achievement goals might need *more* aid ... but that would be too logical, too compassionate, i guess.

the same goes for wilderness; to save it, it seems we often must publicize it, which then allows people to overuse delicate, fragile beauty ... and change it into something less.

in seeking 'authentic experience' en masse, we often end up killing that which we seek.

ny times: sturgis. "leaning against his muddied 1969 harley-davidson motorcycle, he watched, with simmering disgust, the 'squares,' as he described them, pulling into the parking lot, towing harleys." i'd been wondering how the 'rubbies' (rich urban bikers) had impacted such gatherings. now i know.

ny times: saartjie baartman is finally at peace. "the story of sarah baartman is the story of all the african people of our country ... it is a story of our reduction to the status of objects that could be owned, used and disposed of by others." and it continues, to this day - look at the ny times url, "-venu."

santa fe new mexican: funny coincidence. i hear cheney's stumping for the gop down in albuquerque, and then there's this news item: subsidiary of halliburton wins los alamos national lab contract.

reuters: mexican candy and folk remedies may contain lead.

cnn: the perseids are ramping up for their summer show.

cnn: if you get the chance to catch the tool-making crow on television, you really should watch it. i wonder how many folks saw it listed so close to the 'entertainment' section, and thought "sheryl crow" ...

the tow truck finally came at about 7 last night, to haul the car out of my yard. the axles were busted. it was a subaru sedan of some kind. all of us, the police, victims, tow truck folks, were amazed that the car didn't roll. the kid hit the embankment at an angle. just a few more degrees, and we might have been opening up the car with a can opener. now i have to figure out a way to put some plantings over the scars in the embankment ...

the bushtits are having a fit over something, outside my window ...