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sat 10 aug 02

an hour of nordictracking, then the rest of the day on a ladder, fixing canales, weedwhacking around the perimeter of my property, applying linseed oil to woodwork, numerous small fixes ... i'm wiped. more to do, tomorrow. i've got my corona, and i bought a copy of 'lord of the rings.' hopefully, i can stay awake enough to see it through. see you all on the flip side:

wiped out.

doing house repairs; got company coming this week. spax screws work wonders. i love being able to use power tools ... in the spirit of 'home improvements,' absolutely. in other words, stand back!

ny times: the odds of that. excellent article.

the new york times editorial bags out of what should really be demanded. they only lightly reference that an independent review commission is called for. asking the dogs to investigate the wolves has never worked.

ny times letters to the editor: leading the senate. "given that in the senate it often takes at least 60 votes to move forward, mr. daschle's success should be lauded, not criticized." a good point, from senator schumer.

ny times letters to the editor: the love of reading. just so.

ny times opinion: unreasoned fear of west nile virus. but it's a foreign invasion! makes for good headlines, and has that fashionable 'evil' middle-eastern name.

ny times: chinese propaganda aims at chen. china has been moving towards a bushesque policy of pre-emption, after seeing our capabilities in afghanistan and the gulf. if we toss it up with iraq, i figure china will make serious moves on taiwan. it's the perfect opportunity.

ny times: soaring costs of health care. as some of the more 'charismatic' older individuals in santa fe say: "my retirement? my health insurance? if things get bad, i've got my .45 - quick, and cheap." makes me sad every time i hear it.

some @$$ is using one of my email addresses as a 'return address' for his bulk klez email. i'm getting pounded with mail garbage, and norton antivirus is freaking out.

santa fe new mexican: environmental group contests transportation to wipp. these are the radioactive waste trucks we see driving the wrong way down i-25, unescorted ... makes ya feel comfy cozy, in our new sept. 11 environment, doncha know ...

santa fe new mexican: the durango fire burned through their watershed. and, if santa fe had a fire in our watershed, we'd have no water supply left, other than wells.

ny times: bush rolls back rules on privacy of medical data. the few people i've spoken to about this, are *pissed.* between the stock market drop, and this, bush may have alienated the senior vote. not to mention congress' lack of agreement over prescription drug legislation. november's gonna be interesting; the electorate in general has a short memory, but seniors don't. chicago trib on the same issue. "... would allow doctors and hospitals to share patients' medical information with insurance companies, health maintenance organizations and, in some circumstances, marketing companies, without patients' prior approval."

reuters: ashcroft asked to target online song swappers. jail time, for your mp3's.