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mon 12 aug 02

hindustan times: ex-taliban recounts bin laden's escape from tora bora.

hindustan times: sheik fadlallah issues a fatwah banning muslims from assisting u.s. in attack on iraq.

hindustan times: daniel pearl buried in los angeles.

reuters: stocks dip down again today; the fed meeting tomorrow will probably precipitate another drop.

cnn: democrats face a tricky issue with iraq. hey - laughing boys - it would be nice to have at least a minimally-coordinated platform, for a change. november's real soon.

i ran across someone with links to earthships, and lost them; building with tires has some problems, principally off-gassing [we hear a lot about this, having a colony of earthships up around taos]. tires are vulcanized with sulfur and nitrogen compounds, that continue to off-gas for years. some people are highly allergic, and some seem to become sensitized over time. if you have enough space, i've had the theory that stacking and stuccoing old freon-emptied refrigerators might work, given a roof support framework ... certainly they'd have a great r- coefficient ... though some people prefer to use them for smokehouses. later: a faithful reader sends this over ... "be it ever so humble, trash homes." danke, ray.

o'reilly: megnut, blogging for dollars. i guess, if you're looking to blog for bucks, one strategy is to expound on your bliss. become the weblogging destination of choice for that interest; the sponsorship may come. certainly that model has worked for some.

chrisruzin moves to pmachine from mt.

computerworld: macromedia flash security hole affects windows, unix. i figured it was important to link this, though in mozilla the right margin goes offscreen, and the ad covers all the text. read the source code, if you have the same prob.

builder.com, aug. 7: six ways to build a better developer. "be nice to non-techies." i would add, patience. a challenge i'm constantly having to overcome.

builder.com, aug. 9: coldfusion mx adds j2ee, xml, and web services compatibility.

bbc: space elevator takes off.

ny times obit: dr. lyle borst, nuclear physicist who worked on the manhattan project, has died.

nandotimes: archaeologists excavate rock dwelling in new mexico.

bbc: cows born with human dna. hmmm. maybe now we can get 'mad cow' directly? just a random (and probably very inaccurate) thought.

outdoorsmagic: ten steps to travel photography heaven.

suspender shorts are in?

page six: how martha stewart stunned congress. "but lest congressional investigators feel slighted, stewart, through her lawyers, sent probers an invitation of her own - to issue a statement exonerating her ..."

rocky mountain news: burned forests spring back. ah, the resiliency of nature.

nj.com: usda scalebacks ignite grain, soybean prices. fritos, wonderbread and tofu just became more pricey.

chamisa is beginning to bloom early; my eyes can tell. gritty.

dan bricklin: small business blogging.

zdnet.au: five causes for a slow pc.

cnet news.com: pgp encryption defect discovered.

urlwire: cdc offers website information on west nile virus.

most environmental sites are discussing the 'asian brown cloud.' reminds me of when i drove to l.a. from santa fe a couple of years ago. the view of the sickly yellow-brown dome i would soon be entering actually got me a little worried.

washington post: can japan come back? without a base of knowledge on the subject, i believe they can.

bbc: what is a war crime?

newsfactor: ibm touts the 'disruptive potential' of linux.

thom hogan's complete guide to the nikon d100.

freshmeat: milonic popup dhtml navigation menu.

the register: ssl defeated in ie and konqueror.

slashdot: gone fission.

happy blogday, GORDON!

papascott: a dynamic archive template for moveable type, first draft.

american heritage: sept. 11 vs. dec. 7. "the american reaction has been decidedly free of panic or paranoia." if that is so, december 7th must've been one heck of a kick in the teeth.

centre for independent studies: fukuyama, has history restarted since september 11?

guardian.uk: don't call me stupid. "dumbing-down is impossible to prove; there's just more of everything, very good and very bad."

ny times letters to the editor: gore in 04? "you can't make a soufflé rise twice." pfffft.

ny times: dresden, still and again. not everything wonderful and grandiose was destroyed in the needless american/british firebombing of 1945. for a while, i worked at edward marshall boehm in trenton, casting porcelain. through learning a new skill, i came to be familiar with the fabulous flights of creativity that were the hallmark of pre-wwII dresden porcelain. i don't believe those heights of skill have ever been reached since.

ny times: linux is gaining a place at sun.

ny times news analysis: authoritative voice on economy lacking in bush administration. "i'm not saying he's responsible for the market crash. but he hasn't inspired a rush for investors to get back in."

ny times: scientist denies being part of anthrax mailings.

ny times: rumsfeld weighs new covert actions by military units. the parallels between this administration and tom clancy novels become quite overt, sometimes. now we'll have 'rainbow six,' w/o the rainbow.

tonight is 'dark sky appreciation night' in new mexico, officially. turn out your artificial lights, go outside, and enjoy. last night's milky way was a *real* star-spangled banner ...

santa fe new mexican: los alamos national lab unable to protect plutonium.

santa fe new mexican: building zozobra. every year, santa feans burn 'old man gloom' in the beginning of september. religious groups have a fit, but it's just plain fun. consider this the original 'burning man.'

reuters: new aol for mac uses gecko.

reuters: poll, money and politics erode trust in the judiciary.

sometimes i wonder, upon successful internet connection, if i haven't reached an alternate dimension. cases in point, such titles as these: 'fungus-made fake meat under fire,' 'nicolas cage and lisa marie presley wed,' and 'capture the heart of mr. right in cyberspace.'

let's see what up on the news sites ...

a couple more weekends like that one, and i might get ahead of the 'exterior house maintenance curve.' then again, just when you think you've got it all sussed, you see this little item that, when prodded with a screwdriver, entails another weekend ...