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tue 13 aug 02

reuters: u.s. spots activity at iraqi weapons plant. here comes the tom clancy script again ... they might be developing a weaponized ebola. do you buy it? for $6.95 and umpteen hundred pages at the store. makes you wonder, how comfy cozy we're going to feel in about five years, with dozens of genetic engineering programs around the world. but then, we'll be busy pre-empting everyone, won't we?

us news again: it's time to speak loudly. "foreign nations worry that evidence of danger is thin and that unilateral u.s. action will set a terrible precedent, permitting other nations to attack neighborhood dictators on a whim. they worry, too, that the united states is becoming a rogue superpower, no longer committed to international law and conventions." david gergen, of all people.

us news and world report: we're supposed to feel sorry for corporations who pay corporate tax, according to this opinion. so how d'you explain this away?

my gift to you readers, for this evening. click the image below, see a larger pano thrown in my images folder. a great sunset, really. you can see just the tip of the moon in the second image, top left. if i'd gotten my butt outside a bit earlier, i would have had to shoot a complete 360, rather than just this 180 [~8:15pm]:

quick panorama, sunset, 8/13.

you never can tell. a really poor sunset last night, a real kicker tonight. let me see if i can stitch this into a quick pano.

the wind picked up fierce. on an out-and-back, i did 25-30 mph with a brisk tailwind out, and 6 mph in a stiff headwind back. ten miles. good. now i sweat.

i come back, read that post, and think, "arrogant s.o.b." but i'll leave it stand.

i think i'll go out for an evening bike ride. maybe i can find a good picture. see you all later.

in the flavor of the contax g pages, the fuji rangefinder pages.

a really good article from the asia times, june 10: "muddles and modalities of the 'bush doctrine.'" very-much on point: "two well-known international examples of pre-emption were the 1941 japanese attack on pearl harbor and the 1981 israeli attack on iraq's osirak nuclear reactor." displays the moral complexities of the rule of pre-emption. still, not as deep as the article should be. follow my example, don't read on the web ... go to a bloody library, folks. that's what i'm doing, as i have spare time. learn things like ... the circumstance where iraq has harbored terrorist abu nidal, or where j.f.k. sent the cia after iraq's dictator, qassem, with a poisoned handkerchief [they just missed him]. want to know why? go read about it. as i'm finding out, each of the u.s.' actions in the middle east have been aimed to bring about specific outcomes, beneficial solely to u.s. interests (with flexible morality towards our musical-chair 'allies') ... by putting a leash on the behavior of others, through the application of force (direct or indirect), or via monetary and economic pressures. as one book says, "who anointed the u.s.?" there's fascinating material in the rolls of news microfilm and history books at the library. if you waste even an hour on your weblog with the 'iraq obsession', you owe it to yourself to get a deeper knowledge of background and circumstances. i'll bet you didn't know that tidbit about kennedy.

independent online: de beers to offer anti-retroviral treatment to employees.

cnn: bill moyers pleads guilty, pays $750. anyone know how many 'strikes' he gets before he loses his license? new mexico is a shambles when it comes to drunken driving. we've got people with 15 and more dui's driving around ...

was just talking to an acquaintance in the insurance biz, bragging he 'only' had a 30% increase in profits this year. i'm in the wrong damned business.

this gives me hope that teen america can be saved from the britney spears clones of the world. it's exactly what we need right now; a young woman with an axe. empowered. one can only hope she doesn't get seduced by the 'dark side' ... overproduction.

women's e-news: young afghan women are immolating themselves. "experts remain unsure why now, just as they are regaining their freedom, that they are embracing death." a stupid statement, if there ever was one. if they are 'unsure', then someone sure as hell isn't listening: "... including a 14-year-old girl whose family had married her off to a 60-year-old man."

men's journal: the new rules of sex.

guardian.uk: fiction becoming 'trivial and worthless', according to philip pullman. "you can't leave morality out [of a novel] unless your work is so stupid and trivial and so worthless that [nobody] would want to read it anyway."

black world today: union workers fear "war on terror" may overcome the right to strike.

nandotimes: iran's president khatami condemns 'angry' u.s. foreign policy. of course, rumsfeld gives a counter-punch.

zdnet: red hat and the amd hammer, "puhfect tugethuh." unlamented governor kean of new jersey impersonation.

bbc: zimbabwe, the battle for land. timeline and background.

just as i thought ... grab your shotgun, and a handful of birdshot and rock salt ... let's go get 'em: "remaining american c.e.o's make a break for it ... seen heading for the u.s. mexican border."

bbc news: north american forests may fall silent because of acid rain. the trees thin out, the birds cannot adapt.

theodore roosevelt's 'filthy little atheist': "as to religion, i hold it to be the indispensible duty of all government, to protect all conscientious professors thereof, and i know of no other business which government hath to do therewith. let a man throw aside that narrowness of soul, that selfishness of principle, which the niggards of all professions are so unwilling to part with, and he will be at once delivered of his fears on that head. suspicion is the companion of mean souls, and the bane of all good society. for myself, i fully and conscientiously believe, that it is the will of the almighty, that there should be diversity of religious opinions among us: it affords a larger field for our christian kindness. were we all of one way of thinking, our religious dispositions would want matter for probation; and on this liberal principle, i look on the various denominations among us, to be like children of the same family, differing only, in what is called, their christian names." - thomas paine, common sense.

washington post: a shameful gap on the mall. not to take anything away from african-americans, but the most shameful gap on the mall is that there are no monuments to thomas paine. washington would not exist, if not for paine.

digital freedom network: corporate responsibility and human rights, a fact sheet.

ananova: the british library posts the sherbourne missal. the entire british library website is a pretty dandy destination, if you haven't caught it yet.

iht: the measure of her designs is the human dimension. ayse birsel.

python imap email client.

dp review: higher speed compact flash cards.

the register: apple goes amp across pro line. 18.3 gigaflops? dang, man. glad i waited to upgrade my mac system.

the register: sun cool on amd's hammer.

slashdot: godzilla vs. mozilla.

well, that took longer than expected. my ears are around my ankles now, and i look like a poodle.

gotta go get my ears lowered. back later.

ny times letters to the editor: iraq, the 'mother of all obsessions.' i love that.

ny times: microsoft internet explorer may have a serious security flaw. er ... ah ... deja vu! i've lived this before, i think ...

ny times: reverse-SAD.

santa fe new mexican: pesky piñon pests. in spite of tapping my washing machine for grey water, i've got four dead trees ... i believed it was gophers, but it could very well be beetles. which means, i'd best get the dead carcasses down, quick.

santa fe new mexican: tourism is holding out. note, don't be fooled by the opening numbers - we're already down from previous years. being 'up' 9-some percent from the 2001 winter is an attempt to put a smiley face on dismal stats. the folks who drive to tour, don't spend ... at least, not like the airline-travellers do.

santa fe new mexican: nature photographer galen rowell and wife die in air crash.

reuters: v.s. naipaul is taking it to saudi arabia, that's for sure.

off for the morning workout. back in a bit.

a bit groggy today, stayed up late to watch the perseids. there were some spectacular ones; screaming down along the milky way. we're still having the low horizon obscured by smoke, i guess from mesa verde. i keep meaning to check, but then i get busy. sunset last night was a less-than-satisfying brown smear.