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wed 14 aug 02

i was going to post more, but got a call that required an extended absence. now it'll have to wait for tomorrow.

sfgate: finding art in the palm of your hand. i believe some manhattan museums were doing this with first or second generation newtons, way back.

freshmeat: mt2 thumbnailer, gringotts [love the name].

anybody else getting 'house.gov' hits?

what do you call a president who makes an illegal agreement with a sovereign nation's minority party, and then completely eviscerates that nation, causing the murders of thousands of innocents? a nation of citizens who were, when needed, allies ... but when no longer needed, discarded and branded as enemies? andrew jackson.

just discussing with some neighbors that we haven't seen even a tenth of the butterflies we had last year. the butterfly bush is covered in hummingbirds, but no butterflies. this time last year, there were more butterflies than blossoms. their lack is keenly felt.

ah, infamy. i'm #4 for 'greasy, grimey gopher guts.'

what you get when you turn 'ipod' upside down. via jerrykindall.

edit your weblog listing at the eatonweb portal, already.

would you believe i got a couple of flash banner items programmed, whilst doing this crop of posts? didn't think so.

webmasterbase: kev's dos command prompt cheat sheet.

zdnet: new xhtml carries a language barrier. "of primary concern to some web developers is the w3c's warning that xhtml 2.0 will not be "backward compatible" with html 4.0 and xhtml 1.0." so, all this time we've spent redoing pages in xhtml will be for naught? verily, i pray not.

nj.com: fearing iraq attack, israel considers mass smallpox inoculations; radiation pills also.

ny times: kristen nygaard, a norwegian mathematician who laid the groundwork for modern computer programming languages, has passed on. "simula would ultimately influence the designers of a wide range of programming languages, including smalltalk, c++, and java, and it would leave a deep impression on the personal computer world as well, influencing the designers of both the macintosh and windows operating systems."

legalpro: four significant accounting changes of the sarbanes-oxley act.

i see the dow is still going down, on a really shaky up-and-down day. so much for the "economic forum."

men's fitness: do's and don'ts at nudist colonies. "no binoculars." [chortle]

the black world today: a u.s. attack on iraq would be unlawful, say middle east experts. "with its talk of a pre-emptive strike on iraq, the bush administration is undermining the very notion that international law should regulate the behaviour of nation states, and advocating instead the law of the jungle."

nj.com: epa accuses two biotech companies of failing to properly isolate genetically modified crops. an $11,000 dollar fine, for threatening biodiversity. lovely.

reuters: navy retracts denial of arms shipment to gulf.

zdnet: mozilla blocks popups, but netscape won't.

cnet: motorola radios in on emergency workers. there *should* be a clear stretch of bandwidth for emergency purposes only. in fact, i thought there were a couple.

"the official davey and goliath website."

iht: celebrating the new flamenco. note, this movement has nothing to do with the new age/easy listening pap being marketed in america as 'nuevo flamenco.'

iht: human rights and terror. buy exxon gas? read this one. "the suit claims that indonesian security forces protecting exxon mobil operations in the country committed a variety of atrocities, from genocide to sexual assault." our corporations are our international ambassadors ... and what a fine job they do, hmmm?

freshmeat: cool linux cd.


wired: hypercard, what could have been. linked in honor of my late father; he had built quite a system for his law practice in hypercard. he went from no skills except familiarity with word processors, to a full-blown case management application, in a couple of months. i have his old aps hard drives; i should see if it's still there.

slashdot: dell to offer windows-less pc's.

sfgate: pioneer of the frisbee wants his ashes molded into production models. the pro model, when it came out, was a real show-stopper. wish i still had mine; it had the metallic registration sticker and everything. it helped me earn a 'master' designation in the international frisbee association, when i was in college. maybe, if i clean the garage soon, i might find it. but all in all, i switched to boomerangs. much more fun, you can play by yourself ... and it has the added thrill of doing bodily damage. i have a three-arm version that's fast, wicked, and will give you a crew cut if you're not paying attention ...

smh.au: hollywood's minority report. oscars aside, the white male still dominates the silver screen.

the 1000 journal project.

the new yorker: debunking wine connosieurs. i believe last year i linked a story mentioning some wine 'experts' couldn't even tell a food-colored white from a red. but, via msnbc, it looks like dna comes to the rescue.

thisislondon: yes, but is it art? this one made me snort my coffee: "last week, art students from leeds metropolitan university dumped some cardboard boxes on the floor of the tate modern. within moments, a crowd had gathered to admire the new exhibit ..."

hindustan times: h1-b visas down in u.s. "the government issues h-1b work visas, which are good for six years, under a special programme intended to help companies out with extra workers when there are not enough qualified u.s. workers to fill the jobs."

hindustan times: most americans support war on iraq. other numbers are quite interesting, too, for instance: "75 percent said bush should seek congressional authorization before launching a war."

ny times letters to the editor: our soveriegnty for a court? "... even the theoretical claims of the court to jurisdiction over citizens of nonmember states under any circumstances is deeply offensive." then, i guess this author considers the nuremburg trials offensive?

ny times letters to the editor: pursuing al-qaeda. "it seems almost incredible that mr. rumsfeld would wait this long before seriously considering these measures."

ny times letters to the editor: food stamps for the needy. "the number of individuals eligible for food stamps but not welfare or federal supplemental security income, a difficult-to-reach population, is up 15 percent so far this year."

ny times: printmaker turns moths into objects of beauty. wouldn't mind having a nice cecropia on my wall ...

ny times: far from waco, uninvited scholars ponder road to recovery.

santa fe new mexican: japanese students, working with 'habitat for humanity', are surprised that some americans live in poverty.

santa fe new mexican: county to buy ancient pueblo site in lamy. "... state law says developers can't be stopped from building on a site unless human remains are found there." if the coliseum, say, or the pyramid of cheops were in new mexico, they'd be plowed over and developed, then.

santa fe new mexican: searching for sister mary alphonsa ... with ground-penetrating radar.

reuters: not to make light of a bad situation, but oh, to be a frog in prague. all of central europe's having a miserable time with torrential rains. send 'em our way, if you can.

reuters: office rage. working on computers gives no physical release for frustrations. i used to work one floor down from most of the rest of my company, eschewing the elevator for a quick jog up the stairs. a small thing, but a great tension-reliever. whenever i get cranky ... it's out for a walk i go.

reuters: buy an island in venice.

cnn: princeton removes dean over yale flap.

cnn: density of plankton is down 30% over the last 20 years; warmer seas the theoretical cause. no mention of the billions of tons of effluent and garbage dumped in the world's oceans.

cnet news.com: file-swapping foes put in the pressure. "if the riaa wins a judgment, it can take a cut of the defendant's future paychecks and inheritances, and the debt does not disappear even if that person files for bankruptcy." my italics. you pays your political shills, you collects your ill-gotten gains. ceo's get away with millions, and working stiffs get stiffed for pocket change.

yeah, more smoke from that fire in southern colorado. not as bad as the spring. but we've been dry of thunderstorms over the last week ... could we have a *second* fire season this year? you bet. and we're not looking forward to it, either.