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thu 15 aug 02

f. scott fitzgerald: "... life is much more successfully looked at from a single window, after all." and each weblog is it's owner's particular window on life. interesting thought.

cnn: apes lack the gene for speech. i can hear a friend of mine now ... "so that's why arnie and sly are so hard to understand."

someone sent me this, remembering my comments on paltrow's fashion faux-pas. thanks, but i really didn't need to relive it.

papascott rethinks the whole dynamic archive template for mt concept. hey, we're all just trying to find better ways to do things. anything that doesn't work, is a valuable learning experience.

nj.com: elvis was jewish.

far eastern economic review: having a gas in china.

abcnews: from backpacker to internet entrepreneur.

ny times: the rich get rich, and the poor get poorer ... or do they? "from the point of view of individuals, economic liberalization has been a huge success." oh, my ... the "l" word used in a positive manner. who'da thunk?

telegraph.uk: the shag is 'in' for the fall. good news for women growing their hair out.

iwon: fashion-conscious judge bans bare midriff. well, after all, it *is* a court of law.

crains: barnes and noble faces delisting from nasdaq.

black world today: bush sr. security advisor publicly frustrated.

foodnavigator: gm foods debate at the fda. "so far none of the bio-engineered foods currently on the market appear to be causing allergies or other adverse reactions in people ..." hmmm. anyone else have stomach problems with taco bell tacos, during the starlink/biotech breach? if nothing else, starlink could cure constipation, right? glass half full ...

slashdot: verizon moves its programmers to linux ... and saves $6 million.

sourceforge: fart. seriously.

zdnet: tech's dirty little secret - cybersecurity.

news.com: apple gives a break to multi-mac homes. nice of them to finally reward their faithful, even in this small fashion.

cnet: ibm to build germany's biggest computer.

united states securities and exchange commission: statements by company ceo's and cfo's.

the mathematical atlas.

cnn: search for famed antelope in angola.

washington post: giving the country the business. "while bush was assiduously taking notes at waco, cheney didn't try very hard to suppress a yawn. he just doesn't enjoy vaudeville in the middle of the day." great comment.

washington post: blaming of the shrew. why bother lambasting ann coulter? better to ignore her. these days, negative publicity does more for a given entity than positive. in the spirit of 'equal time': ann coulter, the right-wing feminist success story.

nj.com: bush bars new aid to egypt over imprisonment of human rights campaigner.

mac emacs.

yahoo/reuters: iran's khamenei says bush 'talks like hitler.'

slashdot: book review, python programming with java class libraries.

freshmeat: the tamber project, skunkweb, htmldoc [unix, windows].

the register: the new apple g4 line, 'faster than soup.'

the register: win2k sp3, the 'snooper' license, and the workaround.

as you can tell, my mind is shattered in a dozen different directions today. postings will come, albeit slowly.

ny times letters to the editor: rising costs of health care.

cnn: julia child at 90, "eat well and drink well." and never snack.

cnn: new antidepressant.

ny times: e-army-u.

ny times: damaged section of the pentagon reopens.

ny times: the wrong-way smugglers. like i've said, our u.s./mexico border is a sieve.

cnn: 1 trillion dollar lawsuit by 9/11 families. not a bad idea, that.

reuters: folks are still laying bets that elvis is still alive. whoo boy.

challenges, challenges. not problems; power of positive thinking. postings will be a little less than their usual until monday. i've got some bizarre scheduling in the old routine ...