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mon 19 aug 02

hmmm. we had a weblogger wedding here; two webloggers wed by a weblogger, witnessed by a weblogger and weblogger wife. say that five times real fast.

storm and impending sunset:

storm and sunset.

cnn: woman loses stoning death appeal.

cnn: ah, roswell has heat. well, a different kind of heat ...

heh ... come to think of it, it was 'a frayed knot' ...

let it not be said that native americans are not 'wired' ...

here's a gnarly little kachina sculpture ... check that circuit board headdress and frayed wire belt:


hey ... if i leave out the words 'iraq,' 'bush,' and 'cheney' on my weblog, my hit counts go down by at least 1/4! cooooool.

my work day has just gone nuts. nuts, i tell you. maybe crackers, too.

got a crowbar and vaseline? trying to get two domains out of the clutches of verisign/netsol ... and it's taking forever ...

barefeats: the new mp g4's ain't so hot. amd chips, apple? via chrisruzin.

just don't have time for much else at the moment. back later.


guardian.uk: gm crop trials spread pollen.

chicago trib [reg. required]: chihuly glasswork shattered.

sourceforge: html text editor for web pages. i believe a few people were looking for something like this ...

freshmeat: monalbum, lazarus menutree.

the register: kde fixes ssl hole, while ms dithers.

slashdot: regional-encoded dvd's defunct?

slashdot: pgp acquired from nai. freeware maintained.

washington post: crop circles.

just don't have the stomach for 'international entanglement' news at the moment. i'll have to slowly re-introduce myself to it, over the next couple of days.

ny times: channelling the baroness.

ny times: art in ashes, drama in dust.

reuters: abu nidal dead.

reuters: earthlink goes for 'popup blocker' software.

reuters: military computers easily cracked.

reuters: 'dead' man caught stealing; police baffled. great headline.

very easy to tell who was 'local' to the southwest ... we all wore hats.

but it *was* unusually hot this year. we're in a pattern of few thunderstorms at the moment, and it's hitting almost 100 in the day, with crackling bright sunshine ... and 60 degree nights, to help restore your equilibrium. sunburn, particularly painful on the backs of the knees, was in full evidence on the second day of indian market - as usual. they should pass out flyers that explain NO amount of sunblock will stop a continuance of that sunburn on day two ... wear long pants.

just an aside, i've been quite entertained in the past by tourists' choice of footwear for indian market. this year, much more practical than last. light hiking boots, cowboy boots, sneakers, tevas, chacos. women's shoes, especially - slides and mules saved a lot of arches and backs, i'm sure. but there were still a few earnest young ladies painfully wiggling around in skyscraper heels. half-hour later, they were happily barefoot, though the heat of the pavement prevented much distance walking. i only bring this up because last year we saw a significant number of 'lame' women, grimacing, sitting on curbs.

santa fe new mexican: looks like indian market was a mixed bag. but it may just be glass-half-empty thinking. this sounds good: "many of the 1,075 artists at 681 booths sold out, some within an hour." to my eyes, the quality of pottery was very high, dolls and silverwork high, but sculptures were quite lacking in technical excellence. but that's my amateur 0.02 cents. you could have decked yourself out in pounds of silver and turquoise (and some women did, in spite of the heat).

what is fyuze?

well, we had a tremendous load of fun this weekend. that's a joke, but it'll take time to explain, some other time ...