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tue 20 aug 02

listen to the voice of reason. sensationalism ain't all it's cracked up to be.

newswise: the grand canyon may not be as old as we believe.

anyone got a spare 10k? how cool.

been a while since i checked browser stats on this site. netscape 4 and below use has significantly dropped, to a bare 6%. javascript capability is up significantly to 98%. linux/unix is slowly rising, percent by percent.


time: ecotourism, or egotourism?

sourceforge: zenweb.

dp review: iomega readies 750mb zip. and, a nikon coolpix 4500 review.

the register: defang win2k sp3.

slashdot: ask about setting up a community isp.

do you know where your snath is? extra points if yours is made out of ash.

independent.uk: plans for underground museum, underneath beijing's "forbidden city," are causing some stir. thou shalt not fiddle with old, old foundations.

ny times: lingua franca, revived?

ny times: economic interests keep drive for renewable fuels stuck in neutral.

ny times: biophobia? hmmm. is man the measure of the natural world, or the other way 'round?

santa fe new mexican: and, the water wars continue.

santa fe new mexican: as i've mentioned before, our new mexican chile crop is early this year. usually we smell the roasting chiles in september ... i automatically associate the smell with cooler weather. kind of funny to have it when we're getting crackled with late summer heat.

agfa has some interesting online photography 'courses.'

hey, mike ... you're right. all four of us began weblogging back in the early days of editthispage [almost three years already?], and have stayed close since. some people put 'virtual friends' and 'real friends' in two different categories ... a wrong philosophy, to my mind. it's a shame we get pelted with the 'axe murderer on the internet' stories. to a non-weblogger, our event here may seem alien and strange; you are missing out on something special. i've talked about this with all the webloggers i've met in person; we can meet, outside of our weblogs, and just continue our virtual friendship in the real world. in fact, the friendships get even deeper, our understanding of each other blossoms. whenever i meet a weblogger in person, the first voice contact is the most exciting. the 'voice' we read, the one we imagine in our heads ... how well does it match the real-world voice?

looking at news, i can't even begin to think about what kind of links i can follow all this up with. linking cnn and slashdot just don't compare, somehow ...

oh, and if you don't grok what this is all about, check my last posting from yesterday (scroll down).

just sent hal off, in the direction of las vegas. audrey, he drove out of our place at 9:40 a.m., mst. eleven hours, and you'll have your husband back. mr. and mrs. spicynoodles, i believe, will remain in santa fe until tomorrow morning, when they will head on to new adventures in the southwest ...

hal and i have agreed to leave the wedding slide shows, details and storytelling to the happy couple, for when they arrive back in germany in two weeks. at that time, you can hear more about the 'blog and breakfast,' 'adventure weddings,' 'dangeroussherpas', carrot-stealing, the joys of bavarian music in new mexico ... etcetera. i think i speak for all of us when i say we've had a fabulously fun time doing and arranging all of this ... and we wish everlasting happiness to our favorite newlyweds. we love you, andrea and andre:

the happy couple.

the marriage.

erf ... getting the clay out of my brain ... postings in a minute or two. the reason i didn't post pics last night was, i wanted to let all the visitors update their weblogs first. good host, and all that. andre can't figure out how i survive on a dialup. i'm not sure i do!