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wed 21 aug 02


august cloudage.

ananova: "robin hood's escape tunnel found."

ananova: almost-complete t-rex found in montana.

internet week: the most important open source project you've (probably) never heard of.

freshmeat: postgres front end.

reuters: martha stewart sued over sale of shares. now, now, martha ... one shouldn't say such things. etiquette above all ...

congrats on the hits, reid. quality content and a clear and honest opinion, expressed without rancor. quantity of links doesn't mean squat.

if you left a discussion group message, i finally answered all of them. you'll be happy to know, i've put reengineering that section on the top of my 'upgrade the weblog' list.

random linking for the day.

steve mcqueen: "i live for myself and i answer to nobody."

not that i'm any great film reviewer or anything, but i've often wondered if newman modeled his portrayal of 'cool hand luke' on steve mcqueen's performance in 'the great escape.'

cool hand luke, 1967.

coolhandluke.net. i like the 'sketchy' concept of this design.

machttp 2.5 released. via a father and his two girls.

4pm: a long, but good, meeting. back 'in da house.'

insider's guide to davos today. be there, or be square. you have to see it.

heading to a meeting. back later.

ny times: are gene-altered animals safe to eat?

oneworld: zambia rejects u.s. genetically-modified food aid.

the star: aid africa, bill gates urges.

likewise, reverend hal.

cnet news.com: media chief decries internet's moral fiber.

tate online: cold dark matter.

washington post: the backstory on the georgia primaries is more interesting than the results.

yahoo/reuters: has bush's rhetoric on an iraq attack been of such virulent quality, that he faces political disaster at a back-down? i don't think a single person in america would back a 'reputation-saving' war. stack up all the circumstantial evidence you wish to bolster the 'righteousness' of the fight; such evidence rarely convicts murderers in jury trials. a tightrope, this, but one with truly dire consequences on both sides for bush. well, he decided to walk it, all on his own ... no pity from me.

freshmeat: realization engine, opera for linux 6.03.

amdmb: amd 2600+. looks like the pentium beater for the moment.

hardwarextreme: amd 'hammer' opteron preview. for some reason, the 'opteron' name makes me think of "captain scarlet."

bbc: coca-cola and pepsi have been painting advertisements on mountainsides in the himalayas in india. once again, our corporations are our american ambassadors; and what a fine job they do [i'll continue to say it, over and over]. what's the best-tasting cola alternative to these bozos' products? just curious.

times of india: "we have an extraordinary friendship, but that does not mean that we always agree." ah, but chancellor, in america we're becoming so polarized that if two friends don't agree about *everything*, it seems often they can no longer be friends. that simple inflexibility, especially over political opinion, has become a killing field for friendships.

times of india: even the 'bad guys' don't like iraq, now. abu nidal's group blames iraq for his death.

ny times: i'd like to see this trilogy ... "great minds talk volumes as mortality intervenes."

ny times: a holiday of woods and water. maine. sounds nice.

ny times: forget nature; even eden is engineered. this subject of man vs. nature seems to be a theme this week.

reuters: antimicrobials in soaps and lotions don't help.

cnn seems to be getting a lot of mileage from their al-qaeda tapes. i wonder how many people are buying it at face value. how on earth can 'training' be 'better than training?' who makes up this stuff?

cnn: cloning a mammoth.

cnn: mom charged with letting her three children get severely sunburned. my mind is completely blank at commentary on both actions, the sunburning, and the response.

nearly fell off my chair. netscape continues to torture us with 4.x releases. 4.8 is in their ftp directory. que the 50's horror film soundtrack ... "the browser that would not die" ...

the casa seems very quiet now. the newlyweds are heading up north a piece, to mesa verde and points unknown.