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thu 22 aug 02

i've read too many links wherein the authors make words shabby things this evening. my font needs refilling; a trip to the library or bookstore is needed, i deem.

ananova: the german blitz on london started on this day in 1940. a pre-emptive strike?

ananova: selenium-coated contact lenses may be able to be left 'in' for two months.

if you've got an apple cube, powerlogix has a 1ghz upgrade.

dumbmonkey sent over some more links on the women enews link below: pbs pov on 'senorita extraviada,' the la times on the film, and sfgate on the film. thanks, señor minkey ...

zdnet: thinking about the future of data, an interview with dave hollander.

what-a-character.com. a list of character actors, lovey. looks like they're having image problems.

blassic, the 'classic basic.' peek and poke.

slashdot: 10.2 jaguar reviews pour in. "performance boosts, improved printing, and interface enhancements ..."

reuters: college students lie 70% of the time ... to wriggle out of academic deadlines. they left out that last part. not as surprising, that way.

reuters: southwest trims long-haul fares.

cnn: 'preppy' is coming back as "neopreppy." buy stock in ralph lauren early?

devshed: pdf generation with php, exception handling in dtml.

online search engine tools.

world press: reformist websites buck iranian press laws.

xml.com: xslt processing in .net.

"100 children briefly buried alive to appease hindu deities." "jehovah's witnesses beheaded in the phillipines by islamists." sometimes you have to wonder about 'religion' in general.

washington times: journalists tour alleged 'iraqi bioterror warehouse.'

bbc: in britain, the new 'baton gun.' designed to create trauma, not to kill.

women's enews: film on deaths of mexican women indicts corruption. women are disappearing from the maquiladoras, which i talked about a couple of weeks ago.

here's a new definition of the girls of summer: tanorexics. i forget where i saw it.

nj.com: un says racism, xenophobia and anti-semitism on the rise worldwide.

a calvin klein perfume ad gets pulled in britain.

zdnet: emergency services turning to im. such a beautifully obvious idea, i'm surprised noone thought it before.

ens: georgia is converting missile fuel into fertilizer. [and here i worry about gm crops.]

kde 3.1 beta 1. tabbed browsing in konqueror.

this is london: first step to art, the trickiest. too bad rodin didn't do "the sprain."

securityfocus: intro to autorooters.

perl.com: web basics with lwp.

onlamp.com: php references.

yahoonews: sweet baby james talks about his success.

freshmeat: gnome-python, pygtk, newsstar, my own diary (mod) [php, no database].

such a bummer about the couch. they'll switch it out at the end of this month. meantime, i have to leave all the labels on it.

the register: big-media axis of evil on the march.

macdevcenter: os x switcher stories. but most seem to be programmer-type users, not neophytes. the 'average people' i deal with, those who use os 9 at home or in home-office environments for pursuits other than html or straight programming, are not especially happy at having to learn new ways of working, not happy with the cost of upgrades to os x, are not happy at driver incompatibilities between classic and os x, are grudgingly and grouchily contemplating purchase of new hardware because os x is so slow on their old systems. not that it's anything different from previous os changes (6-7, 7-8, etc.)! nor am i saying apple or os x are 'bad.' [emphasize that.] but the overbearing 'happy-joy' posts are simply not reflecting what i'm experiencing with my occasional consulting clientele, and i believe apple may be being mislead as to their product's uptake by the overpublicization of programming-adepts' acceptance.

well, it was delivered, but i spotted a big manufacturing flaw. gotta call the dealer, get it switched out. rats. crummy manufacturing and inspection.

couch is here. have to go direct the loaders so they don't damage the couch, or the stucco, or our walls, or ...

telegraph.uk: a smoking star is now a loaded gun.

hey, the new york times did a little article on last weekend's indian market here in santa fe.

ny times: water and woes for czech's cultural gems.

washington post: the flute case that fell apart. if you're interested in infringement, read this one.

times of india: webloggers unseated mckinney? it was the 'jewish lobby,' with the help of a small indian-american lobby, according to this article.

back to linkage.

i was going to answer anil directly last night, started writing, hated it, threw it away, and then had to link it today. my own obsession, right?

likewise, the discussion group philosophy. we've gone over this for what, three or more years now? i thought we agreed years ago that if you don't have a discussion group, you're the equivalent of a ceo on stage behind teleprompters. disconnected from your audience, shouting alone and pumping your fists under your own spotlight. i prefer weblogs with discussion groups or comment areas to the point that i minimize reading sites without. it's merely my own opinion, but i feel they're more connected to reality, their audience. but i also believe ip block lists should be made public. sort of modernising the old new england 'stocks,' public humiliation for poor discussion group behavior. but it would guarantee to readers that you're not blocking people for merely holding opposing opinions.

anil dash has broached an important subject that i think should be discussed more widely. many great weblogs have been swallowed by warblogging/politiking/punditry. is it the hit counts that are so attractive? maybe it's just an unrecognized cry of indignation over our seeming lack of control over our own political processes? it is looking more and more like an obsession or virus, to those of us who are outside the 'politik-only' sphere. everyone's been dabbling in it; 9/11 got us fired up over international politics. it's past time to discuss the phenomenon. understand, i'm not *attacking* anyone, nor am i saying you shouldn't be a 'politics-only' weblogger - i'm just also mourning the loss of many interesting, wide-ranging weblogs who have become 'one-note charlies,' and am curious about the motivations, attractions, rewards. i am as guilty as anyone, dabbling in the political sphere often, but i'll be damned if i can put my finger on the exact reason why others have thrown over their *entire* previous shtick for politics. i see a few with paypal/amazon donation buttons, or posting personal works for sale. is the increased traffic from politikblogging bringing in cash? some have been trying to crack the 'finance the weblogging time' nut for years; does this particular scenario work? i'm just really curious as to why we seem to have such a fast-growing segment of our weblogging population following this particular interest.

my, it looks like the stock market's recovering this morning.

ny times: anthrax study may yield remedy. i hope we'll see a governmental push to big pharmaceuticals to refocus on new antibiotics, and management thereof.

reuters: britain backs away from u.s. 'regime change' rhetoric. blair runs the risk of alienating the electorate, if he completely sides with u.s. policy, from what i understand of british public opinion.

reuters: french mayor bans residents from dying. ah, if immortality were that simple ...

reuters: your family stinks. a 'natural' preventative to incest. i'll leave hal to explain the mudhead/storyteller pottery figurine we saw at indian market. funny, but disturbing, when you know the background.

reuters: bush to ease logging rules. anyone have the link to the specific wording of the changes? i'd like to think this is a good thing, given my previous postings on this subject. our forests are choked with deadwood, from preventing fires in the past. thinning will reduce the fuels which are making these current fires unmanageable. they burn hotter, and more fiercely, than they would if the forests were thinned to healthy parameters. the question is, can 'forestry' as it's been taught for years, truly guide us to a 'healthy forest.'? clear-cutting is a bankrupt concept, as is monoculture ... ah, well. i'll wait till i read the specs.

so what's bush up to, that i can do the 'lefty bitch-and-moan' over today?

i've got myself laughing so hard, i'd best move on to something else. sometimes i go too far.

i suspect a mass attack on a large city with weedwhackers. everyone in my neighborhood has been practicing tactics in their yard, in full view! conspiranoia!

cnn: bomb-making videos. i guess this means kids who blow up rural mailboxes are 'domestic terrorists'? or, if you inadvertently mix bleach and ammonia, you're intentionally launching a chemical attack on your family members? hey, your neighbors are more dangerous than al-qaeda!!!

up early; taking delivery of a new couch today, "between 8 and 12."