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fri 23 aug 02

going to bed early; see you tomorrow afternoon.

sunset this eve, progressed like watching a segment of 'fantasia.' all i needed was an appropriate soundtrack, as the filigree on the clouds went from yellow to orange to dark red, and finally to purple-black:

sunset was lovely tonight.

british humanist association.

picked up a pair of msr trekking poles; gathering the bits and bobs for tomorrow's adventure. which, by the way, tomorrow will be mostly dark, of course. earliest i may be back is around noon to 3pm, mst.

imperialist blinders. via iowa.

watered some plants, and papilio rutulus came down for a drink. this guy was pretty big [wide as my hand, spread out]. figgered i could slap a saddle on him and go for a ride:

tiger swallowtail, a biggie, taking a drink.

funny the things that bubble up from your subconscious. i was trying to remember the exact year when netscape 4 went from anti-microsoft hero to html/css pariah.

kevin drennan and i have a plan in place for the attack on santa fe baldy tomorrow morning, at 6 a.m. - i hope i've rehabilitated my left knee sufficiently. digital camera in hand, of course ... if i had bought that cell phone hookup, i'd try a high altitude blog entry. too expensive for just a gag.

'tis all i have time for at the moment.

sacbee: george will, pre-emptive war debates.

american prospect: "gun control is racist," "liberal democrats are racist" and "liberal democrat education is wack." read it yourself; i'm at a loss for sufficient words, again.

sourceforge: nekit, a java html editor applet. xml-rpc.

political wire: bookies on the fall election outcomes.

ace's hardware: the athlon xp 2600+ is still getting raves, as the review sites descend upon it, kick it, burn it ...

freshmeat: econtent, treeline, internet document and report server.

the reg: microsoft in summer patch frenzy.

ian's famous!

discover: does the universe exist, if we're not looking?

faz.net: looks like dresden's art works largely survived the floods.

times.uk: greeks lay claim to alexander's legacy.

times of india: a wink and a nod from the bush administration to musharraf. well, are we going to support a dictator, and continue the charade of being a 'righteous nation'? history repeats itself ... unless some put their morals where their mouth is.

ny times: following footprints across the border.

ny times op-ed: i've retitled the article, 'the new scarlet letter.' and we just got done having a conversation this weekend about lingering american puritanism.

ny times letters to the editor: money, ethics and the mba.

ny times: georgia's cobb county school district 'requires' balance of evolution and bible. what about cherokee religion, who once owned that land, or other 'creation' myths/theories? 'an acceptance of a diversity of thinking', my eye.

ny times: 36 hours in the black hills of south dakota. makes me think of wall drug. hey, they have a website!

ny times: walking new york city, after midnight. fond memories.

santa fe new mexican: we have little water in the reservoir, the aquifer under northern new mexico is gradually turning brackish ... and this is what i read this morning. i haven't seen a low-flow toilet produce water yet, have you?

santa fe new mexican: west nile virus has 'officially' arrived in new mexico.

reuters: our hardline president, campaigning for an alleged 'crook.'

ah, there was a server crash last night, with a reboot. my host says there are new servers coming on line in the next two weeks. apparently the athlon/freebsd/apache/zope combo isn't auspicious ... they're going to pentiums, i believe.

yep, everyone needs one of these.

booknotes! too much coffee.