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sat 24 aug 02


oh, the obligatory gallery will come in the next day or so. they'll be large shots, because in order to get the scale, they'll have to be.

that's about it. i'm bushed. i'm sitting my butt down on the couch with a celebratory beer, after doing some stretches to get out the kinks. see ya'll tomorrow.

general notes on the hike: *don't* extensively use trekking poles for the first time on a high-altitude strenuous hike. my traps (shoulder muscles) are *killing* me. my recently-cranky knee made it all the way up, and almost all the way back before doing the twang thang in the last 3/4 of a mile. taking suggestions for knee-strengthening exercises. kevin's in great shape, putting me to shame. i bow before a stronger man!

if you've read my weblog for a long time, you will remember the issues and the great disappointment last year. finally, this peak is bagged. in the can. i'm so happy, i can't tell you.

kevin drennan (right) and i (left) summited santa fe baldy at about 11am, mst ... and we shared our lunch with a little friend:

the fulfillment of an oath.

a fuzzy applecore snatcher, possibly domestic terrorist.