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sun 25 aug 02

the american prospect: she's no martha, a song of love for julia child. a lady from the 'before the food processor' (btfp] days.

phillipine star: japan ok's biotech corn and soybean imports. gm tofu. who'da thunk?

dp review: nikon coolpix 5700 review. the sony dsc-f707 still reigns in rez.

the register: israeli firm unveils the 'copy proof cd.'

azcentral: was america 'discovered' by europeans in 800 a.d.? some 'zonans think so.

times of india: bin laden's sending letters over the 'net? heaven forfend he should get a weblog, either himself or a ghost writer, eh? somehow i doubt he'll activate his discussion group or comments feature.

ny times letters to the editor: the 'forest fire excuse' for more logging. the first note's got it right.

ny times: dixie chicks keep the heat on nashville. or, you *could* go to austin in september ...

ny times: in 'smoking and venting,' i think this guy hits 'em where it hurts.

ny times: the web's real money is in the gutters. "why is so much high technology so lowbrow, with abominably written prose, horrific images like the beheading of the journalist daniel pearl and the sweaty sensibility of a tromp through the febrile fantasies of adolescent boys and middle-aged men?"

reuters: momentum for 'radical' healthcare reform.

not as many flowers as usual this season, again, i assume drought-related. butterflies were scarce, and sadly missed.

collating the birds and animals seen yesterday. pika, chipmunks, loudly complaining squirrels storing mushrooms as large as they were, some rather large marmots. gray jays have moved south of their normal colorado range, probably due to drought. some teenage girls had convinced a pair to eat from their hands, at the fenceline near the ski basin. western bluebirds. lots of hawks; this is difficult. i wish i'd had my birdbook with me. i remember dark breasts, distinctive striping on the underside of the tail, which would mean zone-tails. but it could also be northern goshawks, if my memory of the dark breasts is incorrect. cooper's? these seemed large, so i'd lean towards goshawks or zones. three were 'fighting' at the baldy shoulder. there was no question that they owned the airways up there.

spent a couple of hours, got gallery twenty eight done. 'santa fe baldy summit hike.' all the pix are 640 wide; between 80 and 140k, with a large panorama at 200k. enjoy. if anything's broke, drop me a line. gotta go clean my bathrooms and other chores that i put off for yesterday's fun ...