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mon 26 aug 02

sure wish i could take a picture to share. the smoke has filtered east, the moon's just riz. it's reasonably large, yellow-orange-red with a band of dark around the waist. feels like i'm standing on io, watching jupiter rise [... though i know the scale is wrong]. eerie.

more fire information at krqe.com. "june-like" conditions. will they close the forests for labor day?

sunset, looking west at the fires. the plume extends east-north-east, over santa fe and santa fe national forest for at least 125 miles:

fires at sunset.

cnn looks at the telezapper. remember carl sagan's "preachnix" and "adnix," in the book "contact?"

reuters: cheney lays out the case for pre-emption. three-prong approach; pretty standard. pre-emption is a big step for the u.s. of a., and the proof should be piled just as high as the pre-emptive attack sales pitch. but it's not, and that's what concerns me. circumstantial isn't good enough. the idea that if saddam declared he had a nuke we would not be able to amass allies to oppose him, is just plain bizarre.

okay, maybe my russian isn't so good. checked those on babel.altavista, and got "the pill box of vedanya." go figure.

cam's going for a break ... to siberia. what a cool trip. spaseba! dos vedanya!

interesting. folks with macs viewed my latest gallery almost 2:1 more than windows users. normal mac usage for dm! is about 24%.

yow ... on netscape search, i own the term 'neopreppy.' a bunch of hits today. but what does that mean?

the pic's oversharpened and contrast-goosed, to get detail from my enlargement of the digital image.

around 1:45 today, looking west:

more fires, in the jemez mtns this time.

whoops ... i may have listed the wrong fire. there's more than one. i'll post a pic in a minute or two.

aw, crap. smelled smoke, looked outside ... there's a plume over the jemez mountains. looked at the fire center, and sure enough ... another forest fire. damn, damn, double-damn. we're going to be facing a second fire season. i hope they don't close the forests again.

enough! i have to concentrate. back later.

seattle times: i know, i'm being harsh. but an article on 'coolest hotel pools in hawaii' is kinda weird. i mean, you're in hawaii, for goodness sake. surrounded by the myriad beaches and gorgeously warm waters. real, or the best 'real fake'? read umberto eco. i'll stop now.

independent.za: zimbabwean women and girls being 'mass gang-raped.'

businessday.za: women's rights are key to their health, says the u.n.

guardian.uk: caravanning.

as i look over my links below, i think this is a day of arrogance and opinion. just letting you know i recognize it. some pressure is on, and venting is good for the soul.

cnet news: gateway snaps at the imac. they really ought to do one wacky one with a 19" cinema lcd display, and the fastest athlon. no cojones, these manufacturers.

cnet news: amazon slashes shipping costs. they did such a miserable job for me in the xmas season last year, i hesitate to re-introduce myself to their services. ymmv, of course.

national post: split on climate change becomes consensus. industrial pollution has local effects on weather, we've all seen and experienced it. why is it so difficult to imagine those effects as being more widespread? sure, they can still be regional ... but taken as a whole, the effects are certainly global. in a world where there are no water sources left untainted by man-made chemicals ... we must control our emissions. *all* emissions. funny that in all the debates, coal burning and other energy sources get lambasted, but few mention agriculture.

common dreams: ethical dilemma over gm crops. "like any new technology, people will always be uncertain about the possible dangers. there's no technology that is absolutely risk free."

telegraph.uk: colourist paintings found in paris cupboard. in spite of the dust, there may be reasons to jump for joy when friends ask for help cleaning their attics.

"linux in a pillbox."

freshmeat: php-news.

slashdot: review of 10.2 jaguar.

hardware unlimited: pentium 4 2.8 ghz review. alas, no athlon 2600+ to test against.

economist: sustaining the earth? in a certain light, developing countries have an easier time. no entrenched old-tech infrastructure to fight. well, maybe easy isn't the right word, esp. economically. but i feel the emphasis should be on the sustainable and recyclable, solar and wind power, etcetera, while for the industrial world, hiking taxes on the unsustainable and unrecyclable, making the alternatives attractive.

economist: press the flesh, not the keyboard. interesting, to compare with weblogging. "it is a matter of transmitting emotion, not just facts: 'if you do it on a television screen, you lose 50-75% of the ability to create valuable relationships.'" in face-to-face meetings, it is always fun to rewrite our assumptions ... and the 'virtual' friendships become 'real.' why else push sxsw, blogcon, and other weblogger get-togethers? face-time. it still has great value. we are, after all, only human.

economist: half a billion americans? our immmigrants are reproducing at a faster rate than our 'natives,' and our average age is dropping. i worry about education.

guardian.uk: mind-blower for asimov fans? did bin laden take his terrorist group concept from isaac asimov's "foundation" series? sounds like shaping available 'facts' to fit the story to me; circumstantial to the max. but it's interesting to read.

guardian.uk: take the ego out of art. ah, interesting point. i can't tell you how many galleries open here with the lines "... introspective works of ..." and "... an intensely personal take on ..." and so forth. ego can be another useful tool, or it can be an overbearing weight, in art.

times of india: arab fashion designer under fire. designs a low-cut dress, with three of allah's names embroidered.

gord, what a flurry of 'registration required' news sites. everybody's on the bandwagon. read those privacy policy statements and make an extra 'trash' email account, if you can.

art newspaper: buddhism's "dead sea scrolls" for sale.

salon: file sharing, guilty as charged?

ny times editorial: boy, has this been kept quiet. steel pandering.

ny times editorial: an inflammatory fire strategy. i have to believe there would be significant profits in starting a low-impact thinning/clearing-only company, allied with industries that could use the extracted fuels.

ny times: the mystery of sappho.

ny times: treesitting didn't end with julia butterfly hill.

santa fe new mexican: another child dies on an atv. no helmet; though it's the nature of the atv to roll and crush the occupant, whereas a motorcycle will often throw a person clear. you're out in the open, with a high center of gravity ... the four wheels give kids a false sense of security.

ny times: this concerns me. debate grows on jury's role in injury cases. seems to me, every 'accused' in this article is a large corporation. in choosing a jury, attorneys go for those who have the least direct knowledge of or bias over the subject matter being prosecuted ... often ending up with some real darlings in the jury pool. maybe the jury selection process should be more random, less preloaded ... than capping jury awards. another system that's being 'gamed.' *sigh* look for another 'corporate gift' in future presidential campaigns.

ny times: 150 pound carp in the mississippi? nope; man has had no effect on the natural environment.

ny times: multinationals, and 'water for profit.' it will cost us dearly in taxes, but we just voted down a subtle multinational bid against our water utility ... choosing instead condemnation and private administration by locals. this isn't a developing/third world issue alone. might just want to check who owns your local company, sometime. might be one of these multinationals.

reuters: white house lawyers say bush does not need congressional approval to wage war against iraq. i wonder what the legal basis is.

cnn: star trek meets politics. patrick stewart and avery brooks, thankfully, absent.

if you're one of my weekday-only readers, check out the latest photo addition here: gallery twenty eight. had some fun over the weekend climbing santa fe baldy, with the other member of the santa fe 'skull and cactus society.'

another work week begins.