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tue 27 aug 02

and, on declaring myself irascible, i should sign off for the evening. over to batten down the windows, before the smoke is subsumed by the cool night air and becomes thick choking fog.

aw, but alwin ... urine's a panacea. [check the footnotes.] bah. corona's the right color, and tastes a whole lot better. like i said below, it wasn't you alone, my friend. it was many sources that burst my bubble. that, and inhaling too much smoke that is the result of bankrupt forest policies, drought probably caused by global warming, burning closer to los alamos national labs research areas which could contain 'transient' uranium and plutonium. lanl misled us before about the burning of radioactive materials during the cerro grande fire. i think you understand why i'm a bit irascible over his discourse.

nice sunset tonight, but i don't want to overload the page here with another pic.

yes, hal, that seems to be right over where they got married.

wind picked up, stepped outside to look, and what do i see? an entire storm that fits in one digital camera frame:


earthweb: encrypt-a-script. tried something like this out a long time ago; didn't work. use with caution.

globe and mail: another country, another step towards women's suffrage. iranian legislators pass a bill to give women the right to divorce. still a major hurdle to cross, though.

researchbuzz: metadata on forestry in canada.

space daily: magnetic fluids.

upi: magnetic stimulation relieves depression. well, so say researchers at the annual a.p.a. meeting.

science daily: extinction rates of plants higher than previously thought. *ahem.*

boston globe: william warfield, famed for his singing of "ol' man river," has passed away. extra points if you remember that rod stewart covered the same song, as part of the jeff beck group.

pbs frontline is posting email despatches from a team of journalists seeking the remnants of al-qaeda. might just want to bookmark that one.

globe tech: biotech flu nasal spray?

independent.uk: e.u. 'sellout' is a massive blow to renewable energy. "... the e.u. which has led attempts for an increase in renewable energy is proposing that it rises by only a single percentage point worldwide over this entire decade." personally, i think they'll have a hard time holding it back to one percentage point over ten years; but no matter. seen a lot of wind farms spring up here in the southwest lately.

cnn: vacation in crimea. looks pretty cool, actually. you'll certainly miss the crowds.

cnn: how geckos stick to smooth walls.

ananova: two giant horse images defaced by hunt enthusiasts. it seems the world has lost all sense of proportion, sometimes. nothing is sacred. billboards on the giza pyramids next, i guess.

goosed the levels and contrast to remove the smoke and haze, so i could show you progress on the fire:

contrast-goosed fenton lake fire shot.

i'm sick and tired of inhaling smoke, tired of the dried-out sinuses, headache and cough that accompany it, and grouchy as can be. my apologies.

cnn: sat math scores hit 30 year high. anybody else notice the big drops hit right about when the 'new math' and more 'unstructured' educational philosophies hit the mainstream?

got the damaged couch out, the new couch in. the delivery men didn't have the brains god gave a billy goat. two scrapes, that i can repair [thankfully]. frustrating.

that being said, i'm not lambasting anyone specifically for posting this link. i've seen at least a dozen on weblogs i read. it's just that i'm surprised that so many are buying what this individual is selling, without using their baloney detection kit. or, at least spending a minute or two on google.

debunking lomborg. i chose not to grace lomborg's ny times piece with a comment yesterday, assuming noone would bite. but i can't stand seeing intelligent folks linking it. "most forms of environmental pollution look as though they have either been exaggerated or are transient associated with the early phases of industrialization." how on earth anyone can buy this article at face value, after reading just this one statement, and not question all the other broad generalizations ... is beyond my ken. i could post dozens of examples disproving this fallacious statement, or go out and take pictures of examples within driving range. while you're at it, and even better, see what his fellow danish researchers think of him and his 'book.' as for kyoto vs. clean water ... after the treaty is done and signed, it's easy to post a laundry list of better ways to use the money. for instance, rather than war with iraq, i'd rather bush buy every homeless person a freestanding home and job training. how is that any different than this pap? we all know this guy's take is controversial; it's appropriate to weigh him by his sources, and his peers. to do less, is to not be a 'weblogger.'

anyone else seen that car commercial with the bold color graphic boxes, the one that looks almost exactly like a blogger template?

server outage there for about a half hour. sorry folks. new servers will be installed soon, according to my host.

black world today: the bush economy is a bust. talking down is easy; talking up is hard, when recession is partly psychological. to a certain degree, the bush administration has programmed our economy for failure, since the 2000 election - the 'engine light' is now blinking for real, we're in the desert, the cell phone's not working - and the administration doesn't seem to have any more answers than we do. i could go further with the metaphor, but it would just get folks incensed.

"... you're like barbed wire, barbed wire and roses ..." no hidden meanings; just like the tune.

wired: sneakernet is back. nothing wrong with sneakernet! gives you some exercise ... and security.

act for change: preserve the endangered species act. even more important in the face of bush's new fire policies.

nj.com: measuring tailpipe emissions in the smokey mountains. when i passed through there four years ago, i thought that area was the home area of the 'smoggy mountain boys.' pollution, and overcrowding, was *bad.*

iht: a policy of containment. not what you think.

discover minds island. "art is your life, this is where you live."

yahoonews: bellagio to expand. best place to stay in vegas, and don't miss cirque's "o." nothing compares.

linuxworld: favorite minimalist file managers. wish there was an article like this for windows file managers. i use nico's commander. got one you think is better? i'm curious.

softwaredev: all source code should be open.

freshmeat: zthread.

the reg: amd to target intel 32-bit with opteron.

slashdot: email forwarding patented. i think i'll patent the BR tag. what do you think? royalties for each instance ...

bay area.com: sounds from space become symphonic.

new icon in the taskbar with mozilla 1.1. and it no longer wraps text in the zope management interface. not sure if that's good, or bad, yet.

times of india: will we hear the same outrage over a man sentenced to stoning? probably not, because he raped a nine-year-old girl. but the issue isn't solely the nature of punishment; it's our culturally relative take on the crime itself.

times of india: majority of britons would like to leave. "... fed up with the price of living and terrible weather, and would prefer to live in the united states or spain."

times of india: yoga scandals in america! living in santa fe, i can tell you that yoga isn't the only discipline that's housing scam artists.

ny times opinion: bush on fire. it is as i feared: "so the administration proposes to make deals with logging companies: in return for clearing out the stuff that should be removed, they will be granted the right to take out other stuff that probably shouldn't be removed." the undergrowth may not be saleable, but the thin and dead wood is. i've linked it before; tired of bringing it up time and again. we used to pride ourselves on american ingenuity. sad to see everything polarized by easy profit ... lumber, or landfill.

ny times letters to the editor: has the u.s. made the case for war? some gems in here, too. 'welcome to the land of oz,' and 'rogue nation.' good points, all.

ny times letters to the editor: reading the koran. bulls-eye.

ny times letters to the editor: business ethics 101. read this one. enron is only the first, then.

ny times: a literary alternative to the travel guide. "well, o.k., most likely the grisham. but would you at least think about victor hugo?" take the classic, you won't be sorry.

ny times: re-fighting the battle of chancellorsville. won't be as bloody, but it will be harder. once a developer gets his claws sunk, you're pretty much doomed.

ny times: jackson hole outgrows its tiny, busy airport. is there anything more horrific than seeing that picture of a passenger jet in front of the teton range? i hear the the noise, smell the pollution. they should leave the small airport there, move the large jets out of range, 45 or so miles away.

ny times: a federal appeals court finds the bush administration acted unlawfully.

santa fe new mexican: truck hauling nuclear waste hit by pickup. even though the state of new mexico reengineered 285 to have four lanes and a nice grass median, you can't stop idiots in the same lane. anyone else believe these trucks should be escorted by at least one armed chase car?

santa fe new mexican: the lakes fire is out of control. well, no surprise. note, folks were screaming about hundreds of acres a day around denver burning in the national media ... new mexico gets a fire that burns 3,000 in a day, and everyone's silent. guess i know how germany feels with her floods ... nope, wait, the new york times has a little a.p. blurb on it. spoke too soon. but no comment on 3,300 acres in a day.

reuters: the congressional budget office slashes the 'surplus' forecast by 80%.

reuters: bin laden back at the helm of al-qaeda. no comment.

reuters: bye-bye, betamax.

cnn: l.a. schools may ban soda. 'course, fruit juices don't solve anything. maybe they should just ban high fructose corn syrup.

mozilla 1.1.

woke up in the 'brown smudge' again. recycle to june, except the sun's at a significantly different angle. hoped against hope that i wouldn't be waking up to smoke again. this is what, the fourth or fifth time this year?