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wed 28 aug 02

museum of ancient inventions. check out the aeolipile.


sourceforge: ruby development environment.

beginner's guide to the dance dance revolution. [?]

page six: donahue's a dud.

sheesh. it's a night for wacky links.

scotsman: some numbwit sneaker company was going to name a pair of shoes "zyklon."

independent.uk: you can pull a rabbit out of a hat in london again. what a comment: "magicians [snip] are now free to take their rabbits onstage - if they have not eaten them in the interim."

cbs news: good grief. using an 'airbag' to stop a comet. check the pic - straight out of your steering wheel. "... he admitted there were still numerous details to be worked out ..." oh, i'll just bet.

ens: colorado wildlife area closed for bubonic plague outbreak. if we don't get rain, we may have a breakout here. pecos is one of those common breakout spots, for ground squirrels, if i remember correctly.

guardian.uk: big business and greenpeace urge action on climate change. ever think we'd be mentioning monsanto, dupont, general motors, nestle, bp, chevron texaco, conoco and shell in the same breath with greenpeace? note the emphasis is on climate change and greenhouse gases ... no mention of our lightning rod 'global warming.'

women's enews: rising numbers of latina teens attempting suicide. "... the more americanized or acculturated latino kids become, the worse it is for their health."

cnn: bhopal charges stay, indian court rules. if the 9/11 survivors can sue saudi arabia, then we should extradite anderson.

just a spattering. but strange clouds tonight. really strange. didn't have a chance to grab a pic, sorry.

thunder! we might get some rain! wah-HOOO.

aggregator's bugging out at the moment. bad feeds. more later.

nj.com: tuvalu's a bit worried about climate change. that article led me to the alliance of small island states, which led me to 'impacts of climate change on pacific island countries.' interesting reading, esp. the articles in the aosis 'issues' section. later: chris asks me to contrast the tuvalu article with this news item. who do we believe?

ny times: come back, michelangelo, the marble needs you. a '59 cadillac in marble? clone michelangelo, quick ...

"numerical python adds a fast array facility to the python language."

linux planet: remote administration of linux systems.

unixreview looks at staroffice 6.

freshmeat: monolith, cute php library, mod_design [templates for apache].

university of north carolina: why arabs lose wars.

the age.au: hypsipyle comes to the stage, after 2000 years.

guardian.uk: hip-hop shakespeare.

billsaysthis has the dope on the current springsteen tour, first hand.

ny times editorial: summons to war. i believe a bunch of us have said this already.

ny times books: opening western eyes to a view of islam.

ny times: windows xp update in the next ten days.

ny times: "... there appears to be a 'gap' in the facts possessed by the executive branch and the facts possessed by the legislative branch." senator warner, armed services committee, on iraq.

santa fe new mexican: get some chuckles with our 'toilet tax.'

santa fe new mexican: the lakes fire continues to burn eastward, though slower now. a health warning has been issued for those with respiratory problems to say inside, in northern new mexico.

reuters: the toyota car internet network.

via referrer logs: barewalls.com.

cnn: china lines up against use of force against iraq.

enough time on this for the moment. gotta prepare for a meeting.

just for the record, to answer another email, i *have not read* 'earth in the balance', by al gore. somehow, i don't consider a politician a good source for environmental information.

i'm attacking lomborg as a source. his statements are very controversial, some have been proven wrong by others (better than i). but he also gets some things correct, too. my concern is that his book is mainstream, and for the average person reading it, they will not be questioning *any* of his statements. his publishers have done the world a very poor service. if the book were edited for accuracy, it would be a much better witness against the 'environmentalist' agenda. as it is, it wallows in mediocrity with the rest of the genre. my primary thrust is, take him as a whole, he's unnecessarily misleading. i can't forgive that, in a scholar, or a scholarly work.

chris also posted a link to a great laundry list of articles calling global warming into question. chris, i think environmentalist scientists have hitched themselves to this 'global warming' wagon, and it's going to be very hard to prove their point definitively because of the nature and size of the world's ecosystem. there are billions of points of data, and what, a few thousand researchers? even i, leftie that i am, catch a lot of square pegs being shoved into round holes in the media. but certainly, we know that man and industry affect the environment ... which is why the market is bringing us things like electric/fuel cell cars, alternative energy sources, etcetera. the market is driving a push to sustainability, because of pollution in urban areas - *not* the environmental movement. sustainability and development are local, regional issues too ... not just linked to global warming. of course, now we could have a whole other discussion about the efficacy of the environmental movement, but i'll leave that for another day ... (grin) ...

alwin, lomborg emphasizes development over sustainability, not i. haiti shames the entire western hemisphere. there is plenty of food to share in america, but we allow this to go on in our back yard. but it was not caused by 'environmentalism' (as one emailer misunderstood). dictatorship and trade embargoes, overpopulation have caused their problems. being a caribbean island, they *must* focus on sustainable development, more so than any other type of country, i believe. many poorer caribbean islands dump untreated sewage and garbage into coastal waters; haiti is mostly agrarian ... if we try to help them with fertilizers and pesticides, they will also run off into coastal waters, poisoning fish and coral. the world will be hard pressed to advance *without* development and sustainability walking hand-in-hand. i think you and i can agree upon that.

the most appropriate first link for today, is martin luther king's "i have a dream" speech.

still smoky. my mood's better though! must've been the moon phase or something.