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thu 29 aug 02

if you're seeing this from "http://dangerousmeta.com", you're one up on me. apparently earthlink caches ip's, so i'm a little behind. back to normal tomorrow, i guess.

friday. the ip numbers still need to be altered, to point to the new servers. rather than put a monkey wrench in things, i won't be posting anything until the change is permanent. not in a position to use my 'other' sites for posts, either. email's up, however, as is instant messaging. my apologies.

server change will be happening in the next couple of hours. see ya on the flip side.

the girl in the picture. quicktime; slow. when do folks like this find time for work? i'm in awe.

legal pro: the box: how to package, present and deliver your story to the media.

national women's health information center: low vitamin e linked to early arterial disease.

remember ron mcnair. ever listen to jean-michel jarre's "rendezvous?" mcnair was going to play the sax solo from space; unfortunately, he never got the chance.

i keep coming across the headlines for 'more black men in jail than in college in the u.s.', but haven't linked any. why? i feel guilty; i should have been able to help stave this off. my family took care of our share of minority babies (visualize middle-age white mommas comparing notes on how to baby oil a 'fro in the 70's), but now i feel that was nowhere near enough. rather than tsk-tsking over the situation, i'd prefer to know what we need to do to reverse this situation. no articles seem to address this. mentoring? there's nothing i like better than engaging bright, quick young minds. we always found black babies were faster on the uptake, at an earlier age, than white babies. focusing the eyes sooner, responding to individuals sooner, walking sooner. can mere society 'hold down' such great potential? soul-horrifying to me, that it is so. my father might have ended up a criminal, except that when he was an orphan in the 20's, elders in the orphanage recognized 'precociousness' as a bright mind unchallenged and sent him to appropriately advanced schools. who is the greater criminal, the one who commits, or the ones who, either by intent or inaction, close off the other options?

upi: heated debate over gm food at summit. "there is plenty of normal maize in the world available for this emergency, and any government that claims only g.m. corn is available is lying." is america foisting g.m., when regular corn is available?

msnbc: clinton to star in c.s.i. spinoff. i almost bit on this one.

idg: office xp password recovery tool.

i have to thank craig; kelly willis is a performer i hadn't paid attention to. pretty good stuff.

skakel got sent up the river, 20 to life.

murphys-laws.com. "all the laws of murphy in one place." dave might enjoy that one.


sacbee: william buckley jr., "iraq - question closed?" we'll be going to war september 12? perfect timing for a p.r. campaign, in the midst of remembrance and rekindled american patriotism - and perfect timing for the election season. i think buckley's right.

iht: for literary sea fare, fox trims it sails. i've got the hornblower books, looked at o'brian a couple of times, but have hesitated to purchase. is the writing good? i'd like to know ...

expatica: art forgery a lucrative biz.

new yorker: bush's buddy economy. does bush believe in free markets?

pc world: an easy to use linux pc. cheap, too.

total digital photography, new mag.

freshmeat: ringlink [perl webring], flat xml to structured xml converter.

wired gets wired on newton. here, and here. still dragging my 120 around; slow, but faithful. i had shelved it, but grant's advocacy gave mine new purpose. i was only teasing about using it to prevent my motorcycle kickstand from sinking in the mud ...

xbitlabs: athlon 2700+. [having problems at present0.

well, i see i'll have to do a slew of upgrades in zope before i feel comfy working on a new discussion group. so i'll wait until the server upgrade happens. no sense in putting more complexity on top of complexity. been playing with metapublisher for a new discussion group; just have to suss the security/membership situation.

salon: "bamboo dick." the wright brothers needed a good nickname ... that's it.

this is london: death becomes them. "a public that has put up for 25 years with synthetic substitutes has only itself to blame for the absence of authentic emotion." i differ in opinion, slightly. older springsteen hits issues hard for folks raised in new jersey (myself included) ... maybe the real 'legends' are regional, and not on the airwaves. u2's "one" was an electrifying moment for me ... but it didn't hit big nationally.

i think it's obvious i should re-prioritize from cramming with links, and fix my discussion group. i'll do a few more, then i'll spend my excess time programming instead of linking.

dave rogers left an excellent comment about the global warming/lomborg controversy in the discussion group. "steering by the wake" strikes me as a *perfect* assessment.

ny times letters to the editor: a call for war: will the country respond? the third is of note, but there are good points in all. i especially like the "let's finish one regime change before starting another." where's bin laden, mr. bush?

ny times opinion: an uncertain ally on iraq. "in the latest polls, a majority of british voters conservative and labor alike don't think tony blair should support american policy on iraq ..."

santa fe new mexican: is there a 'secret' republican network functioning? conspiranoia, or evidence of cross-party influence? we have a strong green party in new mexico; new political tactics by both major parties will be born here, i believe.

santa fe new mexican: a surprise thunderstorm subdues the lakes fire. 40% contained, thank goodness. looks like an unattended campfire started it.

ny times: fine terrain for scorpions and artists.

ny times: iran's president trying to limit the powers of the clergy. an abject lesson in the perils of mixing church and state. our own government should be watching and learning.

everytime i almost link a news report about the stock market, i'm careful to check the actual performance. right now, there's an article about the market going down, while the actual numbers are going up. never comment, 'til close of day.

ny times: the imac-like pc. mac users tend to be aesthetes. the pc makers' offerings have been pretty dismal, from an aesthetic standpoint, imho. they *look* like corners have been cut to deliver a low-cost item.

reuters: in older men wishing to maintain or grow muscle mass, protein source doesn't seem to matter. beef or soy; take your pick.

cnn: 1941 japanese midget sub found in hawaiian waters.

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