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sun 01 sep 02

we sit late, watching the dark slowly unfold:
no clock counts this.
when kisses are repeated and the arms hold
there is no telling where time is.

it is midsummer: the leaves hang big and still:
behind the eye a star,
under the silk of the wrist a sea, tell
time is nowhere.

we stand; leaves have not timed the summer.
no clock now needs
tell we have only what we remember:
minutes uproaring with our heads

like an unfortunate king's and his queen's
when the senseless mob rules;
and quietly the trees casting their crowns
into the pools.
- ted hughes, september.

some snaps from today:

almost sunset, september 1.

bronze mule.

no news today; just babbling. tired of the same old iraq-obsession and political garbanzo beans.

remember, we had our first snowfall at the end of september last year. the leaves on the ski basin aspens will be gone in three weeks! i look around, and can't believe the huge change that's going to occur. i should set up a camera spot somewhere, and take a photo a day ... and make a jpeg time-lapse slideshow. i really should.

and, i believe the hummingbirds have gone. i picture them in about three weeks, sitting on loungers on the shores of costa rica, drinking painfully sweet piña coladas with their wayfarers and reef flip-flops on.

didn't get down to rei, hit the mountain stores in town. no luck. nothing struck my foot-fancy. albuquerque tomorrow, i guess.

leaves are beginning to turn yellow and fall off the cottonwoods, sycamores already. like a switch, we're facing the beginning of autumn here. kevin and i timed the baldy hike just right; afternoon thunderstorms are becoming common over the sangres, jemez and sandias again.

interesting tidbit picked up from backpacker magazine this month: fire from soap. carry 'waterless antibacterial cleanser?' most are 60% alcohol, and quite flammable. handy in an emergency situation. but, i wonder ... are airline baggage checkers are looking for the combination of zippos and such things ... ?

confession. never read 'harry potter' before seeing the movie. bought the four paperbacks in a set on friday; i'm into the fourth book already. anyway, i'm quite delighted with the stories ... not that anyone will be surprised. i'm still trying to reconcile my positive impression of the potter movie (whose book i hadn't read) vs. my less-than-enthusiastic impression of lord of the rings (whose books i've read and re-read for years). maybe it's a question of 'investment-over-time' ... i have quite a lot invested in the characters and storyline i've built in my own mind for lotr; i had no preconceived notions about hp.

been looking for new hiking boots. tried scarpa delta m3's, la sportiva makalu's (erf), a couple other brands. scarpa's are good, and i've had good luck with them in the past, but feel the need to try more brands this time before purchase. there's a joint in town that has montrail vercors; that toe guard is an advantage on our rocky trails. anyway, most places are having sales, so ... i think that's what i may be doing today. rei's down in albuquerque, entailing a 45 minute drive each way, but if i can't find anything here in santa fe, down i'll go ... and probably burn more cash than otherwise, having my little rei dividend card ...

welcome back home, andrea and andre.

september 1. sure wish i could run the ticker back to june, and avoid the fire season. ah, well. we must deal with the cards we're dealt, and play the hand we've got.