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tue 03 sep 02

best 404-style page i've seen.

trying to find information on a single pair of boots, and i find the most annoying website: salomonsports.com. if you don't have flash, they give you a pdf, created on the fly, looks like. i can't even find a search function. this kind of site makes me not *want* their products.

removed the cmf 1.1 jazz from my zope instance, and my zope zmi performance has picked up. so has dm!'s redraws. interesting.

check the rifle-in-the-blanket trick. oops. a bit early for hunting, wot? or did it start first of september? be careful, hiking:

rifle in a blanket.

ny times: from here to eternity, with prime numbers.

oh jeez ... just found a picture of myself at work years ago, thunderscan in hand. remember the thunderscan? i used both the hand-held one, and the cartridge device that fit in the imagewriter. now *that* dates ...

xslt kind sheets ... pffft.

today's postings, translated to german, and back to english through babel.altavista. note the conversion of 'french fries' to 'pommes frites' [?!!] and bush into 'shrub.'

cnn: why kill keiko if he's so tame?

cnn: charter schools score worse than public schools.

belated happy birthday, madorange.

changes in u.s. agriculture over the 20th century.

there's a toxostoma curvirostre outside my window.

just got curious about the 'efficacy of sanctions.' found a couple of articles: ipa, efficacy and impact of sanctions and isis, the efficacy of sanctions. the footnotes of the second are interesting ... #23 in particular. also, symposium on targeted sanctions. note the date, 1998.

sunspot: when 'black' is not black enough.

ibm developerworks: integrating data at run time with xslt style sheets.

webmasterbase: the art of ecommerce web design.

abc news: elite hotshot wildfire fighting teams burn calories like professional athletes. add in that 'adrenaline factor' ... your life is on the line.

jta: is it ok to cricize israel right now?

public health news channels: west nile this, west nile that, west nile, west nile, west nile ...

nj.com: mcdonald's to use new oil, to reduce trans-fatty acids. ah, french fries. i rarely indulge, but this is good news.

kite aerial photography. speechless. go look. via terebi ii.

zdnet: fire is like trillian, but for os x.

zdnet: ban laptops on planes?

cnet news.com: intel slices and dices chip prices.

bbc: russia [and china!} give kyoto the kiss of life. further marginalizing the u.s. and australia.

washington post: bush by the numbers. "bush has spent 42 percent of his term so far at one of his three leisure destinations ..."

dp review: sony dsc-f717, update to the 707. new features, no rez change.

freshmeat: docbook xsl stylesheets, milonic popup dhtml navigational menu [check their examples now].

the register: ms outlook digital signatures easily forged.

wired: of powerpoint and pointlessness. if you've read here for any amount of time, you know of my antipathy to powerpoint.

slashdot: gadget guru builds high-tech haven. win the lottery, i'd like to buy some land and build a 'myst/riven'-like living space.

seattle times: new wildfire watchdog has some, well, unconventional views. james watt redux, via mefi.

msnbc: gwyneth paltrow vs. the british press. on american women: "they donít believe in laughing: instead, they would go to 'laugh class' to find out how, then solemnly say it had changed their life." oof. watch for the backlash.

times of india: gulf oil monarchies ask u.s. to drop war plans.

the age.au: fiction as 'the great escape.'

guardian.uk: 6-14 year olds in britain name leonardo da vinci and shakespeare as composers ...

ny times letters to the editor: teaching the koran?

ny times: a silence that coolidge would envy. inexperience?

ny times: earth summit deal snags on women's rights.

the new york times looks at chronic wasting disease in deer.

cnn: roman gladiators must have licenses.

did a bit of hiking on the knee again, with good results. it could be the process of twisting my knee into the 'kneeling chair' i've been using in the office that has destabilized the tendons. that's me current theory, anyway.

still looking at boot brands. found a place in spain that will allow international raichle orders. sizing is always the question ...