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thu 05 sep 02

good night. see y'all in the mawnin' ...

handhelds, 1/10 of a second. only way to get a decent shot was using setting the self-timer, then waiting ten seconds. difficult, but i got some decent shots. short gallery tomorrow.

the crowd was subdued, until a decent imitation of hendrix's electric 'star spangled banner' was played, and the actual 'ritual' began ... BURN HIM! BURN HIM! ... then zozobra, 'old man gloom' for 2002 went up in flames, in right good style:

he's toast.


burn him!

off to go see zozobra burn. pictures? maybe ... check back later.

holy caroly ... was looking at plone yesterday a bit more closely, and today there's a plone windows installer. everything-in-one-install. shwow.

washington post: jimmy carter, the troubling new face of america.

two interesting links on the gulf war: myths and realities, and origins and motivations. a leftist view, certainly ... but contains items i've not previously seen mentioned, many threads i'll want to follow up.

detroit free news: britney-style is putting mothers of teens into a bind. "... boys' pants not only drag the ground so that what was once a hem is now just a memory, but the pants are nowhere near their waists, as if they're in a perpetual state of readiness to go to the bathroom." tell it like is, rochelle! tired of seeing 'kiddy cracks' [of both sexes] at the supermarket.

washington post: uncertain ability to deliver a blow. looking at iraq's possible weapons systems today.

they must've changed time zones with my servers. my lastmod clock is *way* off. five hours ahead. i'll fix it this weekend.

bbedit 6.5.3 update available. change notes. 1 pm mst, they seem to be slammed at the moment.

email: some folks seem to be misunderstanding my take on genetic engineering, assuming (watch that word) i'm anti-science. i merely desire choice. label gm products, and have un-modified alternatives. unfortunately, gm pollen seems to spread more easily than expected [mexico], complicating the growing of pure 'alternatives' ... which, to me, points up the issue of disseminating gm seeds in the first place. i am wary of the subscription-only gm monoculture that biotech companies seem to be using guerilla tactics to achieve (one of my 'assumptions'). but i'm still looking, learning ... willing to modify my view. are you? to paraphrase, wonder bread may build strong bodies twelve ways, but i'll take the organic spelt loaf, thank you very much.

devshed: mysql connectivity with python.

webmasterbase: .net vs. php debate.

physicsweb: female-friendly physics.

women's enews: do men pant for anna k. because she loses? "is anna a throwback to the days when to be appealing, women had to be powerless?"

satya circle: september 11, an excuse for racism?

u.s. department of state: biotech opponents add to food aid delay in africa. "... he offered to send aid in the form of rice and wheat, of which there are no genetically modified varieties commercially available, but the governments of countries refusing aid 'won't take it.'" a different spin, worthy of consideration.

economist: money, bombs and bin laden.

usa today: new gas engines nearly pollution-free. don't get me wrong, this is great, fabulous ... but it does nothing to break our reliance on foreign oil.

the advertiser: australia isolated on climate change. they *may* go ahead and sign, however ... leaving america standing alone.

cnet news.com: maxtor kicks up their diamondmax drives. better performance.

chicago tribune [reg. required]: will more bureaucracy bring more security? delightful. "... everyone on capitol hill seems to agree on the main point, which is that the way to defeat al-qaeda is by pelting it with revised organizational charts."

economist: driven to alcohol. driving on ethanol.

un.org: un rights expert calls for protection from torture in anti-terrorism laws.

ny times: the strut is carved in stones. the stones sell 'durability' ... good comment.

iht: recalling 9/11 'the american way.' i hear mel brooks in 'spaceballs' saying 'moichandizing!' ...

sourceforge: open business engine.

slashdot: review of 'professional apache 2.0.'

csicop: investigating the sirius mystery.

guardian.uk: we're going to be, er, treated {tortured?) with no less than four screen adaptations of the life of alexander the great. i can see the critiques already, "alexander the dud," etc.

guardian.uk: why are today's concert pianists so boring?

ny times opinion: liberalism's patriotic vision.

ny times: news analysis, it's a small world after all.

ny times: microsoft vs. open source.

santa fe new mexican: drought worsened by poor monsoon season.

santa fe new mexican: the burning of zozobra is tonight. check out what's getting stuffed in his effigy.

ny times: statue of hitler praying, 'unnerving.' read hitler's speeches some time, and understand the uneasiness that history has with hitler's christianity.

ny times: news analysis, bid to justify a first strike. "any resolution approving pre-emptive action could set a precedent that could be used in a variety of other conflicts, and will almost certainly be seized upon by other nations ..."

reuters: 'melanotan.'

cnn: i said it a long time ago ... karzai's in a very vulnerable spot.

a friend looked at my postings yesterday, and exclaimed, "what do you do, write a book everyday?" i'll try to keep it a bit shorter.

i'm getting there, i'm getting there. keep yer shirt on.