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fri 06 sep 02

ran across a couple of sites discussing the 'niggardly' dustup. reminds me of the time i used the verb 'cogitating' in class, and upset the substitute teacher. she apparently thought i was referencing something riské.

passed by the bookstore again today. this time, one blogging book was in the mac os x section, the other buried in the midst of the php programming phone books. weblogs get no respect. i moved 'em to better spots.

ny times: looks like they're reopening the 'central park jogger' case. should be a headline, not buried in the body of the rag. this was a major case, that changed the way folks thought about groups of youths, groups of minority youths ... stereotypes that exist today because this incident was believed to be 'accurate.' "but the official said that the proof of mr. reyes's involvement did not necessarily have a bearing on the convictions of five young black and hispanic men ..." come on. sounds like a combo of coercion and circumstantial evidence to me. i smell a huge lawsuit coming ...

failed in my mission. everyone seems to have changed to post-tourist-season hours. closed at 5:30, whereas they used to be open till 7. blast.

i've got to head into town to pick up some usgs quads. see you later.

cw360: that xml link from earlier is back up. w3c publishes plan for mixing xml markup languages.

hello: lauren bush, on the catwalk. "... made her way down the runway in a simple non-ethnic dress to avoid political undertones ..." in for a penny, in for a pound - wear the blasted turbans and robes.

zdnet: macromedia mx developer resource kit.


freshmeat: tkblog.

2.5.1 worked. i'm now "up to date," though there were two error messages. waiting for the sysadmin to give me advice. but i'm up and running! the guys at imeme are geniuses. just great.

the upgrade to 2.4.3 went well. now to 2.5.1 ...

i'll be attempting a zope upgrade shortly. this site may be down for a couple of periods this afternoon.

have had some reports the images from yesterday are not loading. let me know if this is the case for you. phpwebhosting.com has been very reliable, but of late i've been noticing problems accessing them from certain isp's (earthlink, my own, has problems at times).

well, i had a good xml link, but the page is 'temporarily unavailable.' i'll check later.

new scientist: universe might yet collapse in 'big crunch.' we'll expand forever. we'll collapse. we'll cycle collapse/expand. it's ... the universal soap opera! stay tuned ... [just being sarcastic. i enjoy these articles, really.]

silicon valley: people born in autumn live longer. cool.

iwon: man's visit to his future grave, kills him. for some strange reason, this strikes me as wonderfully shakespearean.

iwon: u.s. moves to sell egypt missiles, radar, aircraft. maybe this would be a good opportunity to withhold such treats, conditional upon reform: egypt's accused.

online journalism review: khazakhs crack down on journalists.

women's enews: elizabeth dole remains an enigma. moderate or conservative? like most politicians, check which way the wind is blowing ... there's your answer.

alternet: 9/11 an about-face for black america? is this true?

bbc: zimbabwe chooses to accept gm food.

slashdot: larry wall on perl and religion.

zdnet: newspaper delivery ... on audio cd.

the science of wildfire.

unix review: book review, web programming in python.

ibm developerworks: featured xml resources.

the register: pgp app yields remote root on windows.

atlanta journal-constitution: where is harry potter #5? "harry potter and the order of the phoenix" is actually here, just under an invisibility cloak?

ny times: hoping to inspire talk, artist ignites debate. taking 'controversial' art to any small- or medium-sized town in heartland america is bound to receive the same greeting. andres serrano's "piss christ" would predictably have made a bang. this artist must have suspected the reaction.

sf weekly: poisoned gods. "virtually every organic artifact collected before the second half of the 20th century has been contaminated. but experts advise tribes to play it safe and not use the objects as tradition dictates, meaning they shouldn't be buried, burned, worn, placed under beds or on tables, enshrined in sacred buildings, or even displayed in museums." you took our future, you destroy our past. the former was intentional, the latter is just ... very, very sad.

ny times letters to the editor: war on iraq, voices from a rising debate. the last one covers a bit of p.r. we've been hearing lately.

ny times: coca spraying no risk to colombians, says u.s. did a little twiddle on google to see about glyphosate (roundup). epa. greenpeace. fact sheet. sounds like the only thing to critique here is how 'targeted' the spraying is. wouldn't want to kill off any unique plant species.

ny times: speak of the devil. with focus shifting to iraq, domestic issues fade. "several republicans said today that the focus on iraq would serve the political needs of their party going into the close congressional elections."

ny times: small employers severely reduce health benefits. bad situation. "the average share of the premium for single workers rose 27 percent, to $454 a year, and 16 percent, or $2,084, for families. but wages rose only 3 to 4 percent." hello, congress? anybody home? oh, that's right. let's have a war so we can ignore economic issues.

santa fe new mexican: environmentalists ask for release of city water. release water for irrigation, but not for wildlife?

ny times: invasion of the nude victorians.

reuters: reciting poetry calms the heart. i think it depends on the poem.

cnn: bush begins international push on iraq. disingenuous. "we know he's had weapons of mass destruction and used them against iranians and used them against the kurds in his own country, and he would use them against anybody else, too." of course we know. we were providing aid to iraq at the time, and didn't cease for such 'moral' reasons then. i wonder how the international community would react if we ceased trying to whitewash history, accepted some responsibility for the situation, and then presented our concerns (backed up by the best evidence available). even better, to enumerate the mistakes we made in dealing with iraq over the years, and what policies we've put in place to prevent such a situation from happening again.

karl needs some assistance from java programmers over at paradox1x.

woof. santa fe's been 'burning men' since long before it was 'fashionable' ...