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sat 07 sep 02

the hiking boot quest continued, to little luck. i think i've pretty much settled on la sportiva glaciers; i just have to figure out how to get a dealer to order the three sizes i'd like to try out. not raichles, but they'll do.

unsuccessfully. they only had print-outs, not the printed maps. screw that. i'll mail-order.

off to go get those usgs quads ... successfully.

'farscape' to be cancelled. just when i was looking forward to watching it on digital cable this fall. i've caught some episodes, and enjoyed most of them ... but i really wanted to pick up the show from the get-go. i'll sign the petition, no question.

black world today: an interview with chomsky.

webmasterbase: dr. design is in the office, with some prescriptions you might find of value.

informatics online: apache 2 isn't breaking any records. needs third-party module updates.

builder.com: an introduction to xml dtd's. changed the title a bit.

jakarta post: the indonesian mujahidin council (mmi) to begin 'sweeps' against foreigners. worth keeping an eye on. i wonder what the abangan and priyayis think about this.

independent: esquire's magazine editor quits. prefers content over the c-cup. "... howarth ... has given esquire its distinctive grown-up positioning in the rather juvenile men's market." but fhm and other pseudo-skin-mags garner 500,000 sales over esquire's 62,000. my thought: quantity isn't everything. often, it isn't *anything*. just like popularity.

nj.com: biotech companies and environmentalists play the blame game, while africa starves.

dw-world.de: natural-gas taxis hit the street in berlin.

this is london: how to wear black leather.

prospect: lives of mind.

ny times editorial: packing heat on the flight deck. somehow, this discourages me even more from taking a flight. i think more people will be injured through accidents, than will ever be saved by this concept. but since it's been passed, i fervently hope i'm wrong. the absolving of liability, though, worries me quite a bit. if there's a discharge that disables the plane, causing a crash ... little recourse for survivors.

ny times letters to the editor: 'this is my homeland.' interesting point.

ny times: history is a shadow in present on jogger case. bits of testimony, not complete. but does anyone else notice a problem? general 'attack' remarks, from each kid, build a nice little unprovable story. what about specifics ... like, asking each kid separately what color the woman's hair was, or what exactly she was wearing? without hearing the full statements, this sounds like very amateur coercion to me.

cnn: iran tests ballistic missile. ~200 mile range. chinese and north korean tech.

checked out the local flea market, at the crack of dawn. *yawn*