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mon 09 sep 02

bbc: i missed this, a week or so ago: u.s. considered 'suicide jet missions' on sept. 11. "... the entire u.s. mainland was being defended by only 14 planes."

outside online: blind mountaineer erik weihenmeyer completes all seven summits. a team of eight and sponsorships helped him along - but he had the guts and stamina to accomplish it. my hat's off to you, erik.

congratulations are in order, all around, in iowa. what kind of trucks? just kidding. welcome to the wide world, james anthony.

hey hal, check out the subways in bonn ... *clean*.

signed up to shinybluegrasshopper's 'honor them with peace, not war' initiative. you might want to sign on, too.

yahoonews: u.s. congressional leaders desire more evidence on iraq. as i bounce from news item to news item, this all seems ... choreographed.

webmasterbase: form validation on the client side. if you need this kind of thing, hotscripts has a quite a few (of varying quality). if you use zope, there's one best place to look ... formulator.

bbc: antarctic animals to feel the heat. isopods. what a prehistoric looking animal. looks like the offspring of 'lexx'.

nj.com: west nile virus kills just about any species of bird. raptors seem especially vulnerable.

nj.com: iraq takes reporters on a tour of suspected nuclear weapons production facility.

women's enews: afghan women's liberty remains at risk.

women's enews: for some women, clean water means safety, freedom.

asia times: indian farmers seek gm compensation. playing god is tough. "... its resistance to other pests and suitability to indian climatic factors have never been adequately tested ..." this being india, we may not hear much more about this in the american media.

scotsman.uk: bin laden's nuclear strike plan. "he eventually decided to fly hijacked jets into the world trade center and the pentagon instead because he feared a nuclear strike could 'go out of control'."

independent online: petrol sucking the life from aborigine teens.

washington post: greenspan vs. the glut. get out of telco's ... *now*. or, strategize selling short.

sydney morning herald: an australian opinion on kyoto. worth the read.

environmental news network: let me get this straight. if we in north america practice forest conservation, we will be causing deforestation in the rest of the world? sounds like we need an 'opec' for wood products.

usa today: environmentalists say orrin hatch is trying to 'load' the courts.

50 reasons why the lord of the rings sucks. written by someone who obviously never read the books. but did you see tennis sneakers? i'll have to check it out on the dvd ...

pbs.org, 'endgame, ethics and values in america.'

washington post: britain closing the door to afghans.

the register: judge rules paypal unfair.

yahoonews: iran says the u.s. is exploiting 9/11.

ny times: for buchanan, a new pulpit and target. a magazine. love this comment: "the constellation of magazines that try to own beltway consciousness the new republic, the weekly standard, the nation, the washington monthly, national review and the american prospect may differ on points of ideology, but share a distinct propensity for losing money."

dp review: sinar 22 megapixel camera back.


feedreader 2.3 is out, and it's pretty darn cool. just started using this new version ...

times of india: an fbi informant lived with some sept. 11 hijackers? speechless. totally speechless.

times of india: u.s. may use israeli bases for attack against iraq.

philly.com: book review, 'the west and the rest', globalization and the terrorist threat. sounds like a 'buy' to me.

atlantic monthly: a man on a gray horse.

ny times letters to the editor: blights on the landscape. personally, the first time i flew into palm springs, i was fascinated by the wind farms. but i don't live with them 24/7.

ny times: a subculture of lords of the rings. aw, too cool.

ny times: engineering food for africans. "but behind the protests, africa has been developing genetically modified foods of its own, with the help of countries like the united states that see them as an important development tool."

ny times: long term joblessness rose by 50% over the last year.

santa fe new mexican: studying impact of elk and cattle in the valles caldera.

is it me, or has cnn been posting some articles, pro-government, that border on improbity? that bush article headlining last night was a bit over the top ...

cnn: violent crime rate lowest in three decades. yes, if you leave out the increasing murder rate.

gotta take care of a couple of things, then i'll do some links.

just enough rain here to wet the whistle, not much else. no standing water this morning. maybe more will come.

interesting clouds this morning, the sort of 'middle-height' ones that stripe across the mountains. i can see the tops of the manzanos, sandias and jemez, and the bottoms. autumn clouds, come to think of it. cool this morning, too. there were scattered showers and storms, thanks to the hurricane that hit texas, i believe.