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tue 10 sep 02

time-der-shadow-box. nice look.

reuters: spouses may mimic partner's sickness and health. next up: divorce-by-prescription. [joking ... just joking.]

reuters: teens who eat less meat no healthier than others. sorry; lost on me. i'm a bigoted omnivore.

reuters: anti-aircraft missiles deployed around washington. the 'anniversary arsenal.' dim shades of the shore batteries from world war 2 you can still see in some jersey shore communities.

cnn: aldrin accused of punching a moon-landing naysayer. hey buzz, i'll hold his arms for you.

cw360: macromedia ships cold fusion mx for java.

ny times: democrats, using finesse, try to neutralize the gun lobby's muscle. alaska's lieutenant gov, in the pic, is checking out a double-action glock .40 for her purse. debate with her could get quite colorful.

feedreader has this cool feature where new links on chosen feeds fade up and down on your screen, showing you what's new as you're working. a replacement for the popping balloon; it's like your machine is haunted. neat.

nj.com: american church leaders split over iraq.

ny post: ani difranco, "so much shouting, so much laughter."

women's enews: sept. 11's "immigrant widows" lose visas.

telegraph.uk: exercises for couch potatoes. "sofa dips," "channel-hopping lunges."

tweezerman [?] i hear they give great tweeze.

this link came via an email from a friend. i take *no* responsibility.

new zealand herald: the blurred lines of weblogs.

iht: the international insitute of strategic studies offers up an independent report of iraqi arms capability. nuke capability is the wild card.

haunted britain and ireland.

forgotten new york.


msnbc/newsweek: iraq-around-the-clock. a bit scattered.

cnn: inject emissions into the earth's crust? the 'out of sight, out of mind' solution.

environmental news network: firefighters sickened by cloud from 9/11. "... 358 firefighters and five emergency medical service personnel ... snip ... had been placed on medical leave or light-duty assignments due to respiratory problems."

china daily: tibetan gesar artists spread ancient legend. "the 20-million-word, 1.5 million-line epic, is not only a great work of literature, but has also been called an encyclopaedia on tibetan tradition, culture, society and religion in ancient times." i'll have to look for a translation of this ... sounds fascinating.

absolute arts: greuze the draftsman at the getty.

iht: demystifying the life of frida kahlo.

sourceforge: ruby inline.

ibm developerworks: open-source satellite control.

las vegas sun: the nra turns against 'former ally' rendell.

yahoonews: bin laden a hero in kuwait.

dp review: sony dsc-f717 samples gallery.

dp review: minolta dimage 7hi first look. 5 megapixels.

the register: ie 6 sp1 omits fixes for 20 outstanding flaws.

slashdot: more internet users in europe than u.s./canada. i'm in the minority. time to brush up on that second language.

economist.com: tinkerer's champion. edward felten.

chronicle of higher ed: islamic studies' young turks.

guardian.uk: a symphony for tugboats.

ny times: ranchers and environmentalists, working together ... better the rancher, than the cluster-housing-condo-developer.

ny times: weighing friendships. modern friendships are so loosely defined, it's hard to sort out reasonable expectations for one.

ny times: senator graham says focus on iran and syria, not iraq. "the fact that something like sept. 11 occurred and that it occurred in the united states was not a stunning development - the fact that we were vulnerable to this had been anticipated. the actual details, the sophistication and the carnage, the loss of life that occurred were stunning."

ny times: a tax break for the rich who can keep a secret. "... a few americans are delaying taxes on their stock profits for years or decades or, in some cases, never paying at all. it's all perfectly legal but only if you have $5 million of stocks and bonds."

santa fe new mexican: santa feans present their take on 9/11. we are 2000 miles away from manhattan, but the pov is interesting.

ny times: senator shelby faults intelligence agencies. "grimly, mr. shelby promised that the nation would someday learn of other lapses, which he could not yet divulge." but the sole blame doesn't rest on our intelligence agencies. oversight?

cnn: christopher reeve has movement in his fingers and toes. half a mill a year ... that's why caps on health insurance are not good. but try to find insurance without ...

also, i forgot to mention that the aspens on the sangre de cristos are turning yellow, rather swiftly. a bit early this year. i hope the rain doesn't exfoliate them before i can get up to take my usual fall shots ... but, everything being equal, i *will* take the rain, first.

you can pound your ears ... it's raining here. been raining since nightfall last night. i don't know if you'd really call this 'rain' anywhere else in the u.s., but it's enough to get the ground wet, and saturate things. can't see the mountains, we've a sheet of grey over us. glorious! i'm sure the tourists are scowling around town, while the locals grin from ear to ear ...