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thu 12 sep 02

still scattered rainshowers in the area, skies are great ... but hard to capture:

after the rain, sunset.

wireless internet access has hit downtown santa fe. working wild. drive-by-email. jish? should we change venues?

it's getting dark so much earlier, all of a sudden. sunset at 7:30. winter's dark is coming.

stickysauce: the 'scriptkiddie' threat.

xml.com: controlling doctype and xml declaration.

top xml: xml for not-yet-techies.

voa: wildlife survives arizona wildfires.

science daily: first 'biological' pacemaker made by gene therapy in guinea pigs. look, ma, no batteries.

outdoorsmagic: top wet weather camping tips. "pitch the fly first." yeah, right.

telegraph.uk: now this is seriously cool. wellie-mania.

independent.uk: who is a *real* tasmanian aborigine? dna will trump blood quantum.

black world today: democrats discomfited by iraq debate, vote. i sometimes wonder why i vote for such a pack of hand-wringing ninnies. out-maneuvered by bush, again.

boston globe: conservatively speaking, i say 'right on.'

nj.com: g.o.p. interest group withdraws ads linking social security to slavery reparations. you read that right.

common dreams: gore on the media conglomerate threat. "... gore described a provision of the bush administration's homeland security bill. it states that all local and state officials will be given the legal right to withhold from the news media even unclassified information." that's not very good, now, is it?

bbc talking points: did bush get it right? the usual suspects, but the british opinion is of interest, since we hear in the american press they are ambivalent or con-attack.

cnn: morning-after pill, over the counter? get out your asbestos earmuffs; this'll be fun.

this day has been shot to hades and back. there's got to be a better way ... "i'm taking what they're givin', 'cause i'm workin' for a livin' ..."

wikipedia: pacifism. gandhi is an example, and a warning. 'absolute' pacifism is pretty much considered an admirable but unrealistic concept, from my recall of philosophy classes.

interesting. if computers eventually acquire enough processing power to be self-aware, will they commit suicide?

emergence of advertising in america, 1850 - 1920.

fuel cell today.

roll call: religious lessons of 9/11. strange source for such teachings ... but it's well-written and worthy of thought.

space daily: extreme cold over south pole reveals global warming models are wrong. as i've said, environmentalists have hitched themselves to 'global warming,' a difficult thing to measure with any accuracy. you notice the change in language to 'climate change' in most news reports, something easier to verify ... esp. local, regional effects from pollution. pollution is still 'bad,' you know.

policy review: the age of genocide. contrast with a bill bennett comment i overheard on cnn yesterday, something to the effect of "if you want to get anything done in the world, you've got to talk to the united states."

ibm developerworks: securing dynamic web content in apache.

mac devcenter: configuring sendmail on jaguar.

infoworld: fostering creativity.

freshmeat: straw [python rss aggre for gnome].

ars technica: bios arcana. tweak those settings.

slashdot: mozilla 1.2 alpha and moz 1.01 release out, betas coming.

times of india: north korea to agree to nuclear inspections.

times of india: turkey wants inspectors back in iraq.

times of india: you are the father and son of god. kind of an odd item to have on the front page, don't you think?

guardian.uk: which is the real mondrian? the 'altered' mondrian may seem mild to the non-creative, but to a designer the difference is patently obvious. surely they could have done better ... still, it is interesting.

alternet: 10 reasons why many gulf veterans oppose re-invading iraq. found this yesterday, but saved it for today. an important read.

ny times letters to the editor: the president's vision of the future.

ny times: hydrogen leak at indian point 2 nuclear reactor.

ny times: europe pauses and grieves, but takes issue with the u.s.

ny times: bush vs. annan today.

santa fe new mexican: saddle bandits in eldorado.

santa fe new mexican: u.n. blames a decade of 'shameful neglect' for violent afghanistan.

reuters: an 'orange' alert for the economy, in these two stories: greenspan warns of budget gap risks, jobless claims at the highest level in months.

reuters: levi's 501s, with the anti-radiation pocket.

cnn: johnny unitas dead. the 'michael jordan' of merchandise of his day. seems everything football in the 60's had unitas' name on it.

good news, we've had solid rainshowers for a couple of days. bad news, we need 6-12 more inches to leave 'drought' conditions.