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fri 13 sep 02


afternoon storms:

afternoon storms.

expatica: dutch may breach kyoto.

abc.net: climate change turns on its head, again. "... could mean that changes in the antarctic climate affect the north atlantic ..."

cnn: microsoft word flaw.

cnet news.com: amd delays hammer.

church council of greater seattle: 10 frequently asked questions about economic sanctions on iraq. a bit old, but worth a look.

znet: the u.s. and the middle east: why do they hate us?

new criterion: snobbery.

yahoo: the three gorges dam in china is 70% complete.

wired: the pantone monopoly.

csmonitor: is youth-in-advertising the best strategy? "... women, not men, control 85 percent of all personal and household spending, according to recent research."

backstage: a dearth of women entertainment execs.

sorry; haven't even had breakfast yet, and it's 11:15.

ny times: leahy thinks west nile virus could be bioterror? strange conclusion; why make it public?

ny times: bush's step toward u.n. met by global welcome. "mr. bush went far toward building a consensus that the burden is now on iraq to show rapid and major progress toward compliance with the security council's resolutions."

reuters: u.s. kids risk loss of health coverage.

reuters: yeah, well ... you'd be a bit punky too if you hadn't had a bath in 129 years.

cnn: single-sex classrooms gaining favor.

well, not quite. a few over the mountains. needed to put in my contacts, first.

the last few days, we've had constant clouds and rain. this morning, not a cloud in the sky. like a switch was flipped.