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mon 16 sep 02

grasses, by the rail trail, evening light:

grass in the sunset.

ny times: safire doubted it today, but iraq reportedly will allow inspectors back.

cnn: the number 1 is back on the tracks in lower manhattan. screeching in wild abandon by the battery, i'm sure.

you might not know it from linkage here, but i'm getting mighty bored with politics. craig, yes.

history of the neutrinos.

usa today: "officials at the e.p.a. say north dakota is the only state in the nation where the air in federal preserves has gotten more polluted than the clean air act allows."

silicon valley: eco-friendly stoves solve age-old eritrean problem.

arabic news: the case of the u.s. vs. iraq: u.s. claims, part one of seven, violations of u.n. resolutions.

seattle times: uncivil action? misguided 'terror war' jeopardizing our civil liberties. "it is difficult to see how any of the government's actions could make americans absolutely secure from terrorists who are willing to sacrifice their own lives. no government in history, not even totalitarian dictatorships, has ever managed to do this."

iht: in fashion, just lose the logos.

beehive forum is interesting php/mysql forum software. uses frames. check the test forum.

cnet: mozilla bug leaks web surfing data. heaven forfend someone should know i frequent news sites.

washington post: democrats question iraq timing. "two weeks ago, the headlines were about a lethargic economy, a depressed stock market and corporate misdeeds; the news about iraq was about policy disagreements among bush advisers. now, the debate has shifted almost entirely from democrats' preferred domestic issues to preparations for military action, a g.o.p. favorite."

linux journal: stealth sniffing, intrusion detection, and logging.

dp review: new canon powershot s45, powershot g3. wish they'd brought the g3 to 5 megapixels; i like the g2/g3 form factor.

rolling back radical islam. via al daily.

ny times: secrets of digital creativity revealed in miniatures. "... an online exhibition of digital artworks that focuses on their underlying computer code, is a daring endeavor." revealing the connection between the technician and the artist.

philly.com: the philadelphia museum of art has been in violation of city fire codes since ... 1952?

times of india: afghanistan ratifies anti-landmine treaty. the most landmined country in the world. which reminds me; prior to the onset of war in afghanistan, we (libs) speculated about the difficulty of operating in a theatre that is permeated with landmines. that concern proved to be false. the current concern is the 'guerrilla' nature of warfare that iraq might employ in metropolitan areas; would this be a non-issue also?

times of india: osama bin laden died in tora bora ten months ago.

ny times opinion: why iraq will defeat arms inspectors. bioterror may be able to be 'mobile,' but somehow i have doubts about packing up and moving a nuclear program at a moment's notice. if they can spot the trucks, why can't they track them?

ny times letters to the editor: invading iraq, and other options. the last one.

ny times: safety problems at japanese reactors. it would be nice if the nuclear industry would publish the difference in costs between a lowest- and highest-bidder. for such important work, i think the public would be willing to spend a little more.

ny times: burning of chemical arms puts fear in the wind. if you're downwind of anniston, alabama, look for skin problems.

ny times: u.s. trying to market itself to young arabs. "some taxi drivers play the music, then turn off the news."

ny times: saudia arabia says u.s. can uses bases if u.n. backs war. just say 'no' to unilateralism ...

santa fe new mexican: looks like new mexico will cross to the democratic governor's aisle this fall.

cnn: a sulphuric acid spill in farragut, tennessee. hope all my distant relatives are aok.

got a great deal of stuff done yesterday. 'tis the season to batten down the hatches for winter (caulking, stuccoing, planting bulbs for the springtime, painting interiors before it gets too cold to have the windows open). and the end of a couple of contracts means extra work this week. postings will, in all likelihood, be thin early this week. then again, i say that all the time, and then do ridiculously long linkage days. well, i feel i have the responsibility to warn you, at any rate.