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tue 17 sep 02

see ya mañaña.

i believe all three of us had a *very excellent* time.

one el paseo kitchen worker to another: "didja see that? three guys just locked themselves in our bathroom ... and they TOOK A CAMERA" ... [garret, kevin, jish] ...

garret, kevin, jish.

moon/clouds, handheld 12 sec f2.8, 10:35 pm ... whilst being serenaded by coyotes after arriving back home:

moon, clouds ... and coyotes howling.

quintessential santa fe, killing time before weblogger meetup:

iaia facade and sunset.

impromptu weblogger meetup in santa fe tonight at el paseo ... on the menu, jish.nu.

just too much going on today ... linkage will be sporadic.

new yorker: the indispensable w. h. auden.

boston globe: why the left can't get iraq right.

bbc: "tanya grotter and her magical double-bass."

the age.au: dancing on hitler's grave.

ny times editorial: infernal machines. 2012. pah. there's no reason why emissions control equipment couldn't be attached for the next model year.

ny times letters to the editor: the story of noah. *hic*

ny times: in nature vs. nurture, a voice for nature.

santa fe new mexican: las campanas water wars, again. just to refresh, las campanas is a uber-high-price development on the northwest corner of santa fe [mean price is over $1 million]. they made deals with the previous water company, but now in the face of drought, the city wishes to roll them into our restrictions.

userland releases frontier 9.

an early meeting this morning. substantive links will be a bit late this morning.