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thu 19 sep 02

dp review: silicon film, to return? remember the film-canister-ccd module that would retrofit 35mm cameras? photokina may see its birth ...

how 'bout these clouds:

cool cloudage.

damn. some of these scans really suck. never using these folks again. need to get a larger light table; this dinky thing i've been using for years just doesn't cut it.

one of my shots i got in today, sepia'd. been thinking about what to send my 'blogchildren,' as a thank-you. you four interested in a signed copy of this shot of chetro ketl, in chaco canyon? appropriately southwestern, i believe ... and prints out real nice:

chetro ketl, chaco canyon.

well, i picked up a bunch of photocd's today ... but they weren't *kodak* photocd's. hi-res tiff scans on cd. bait-and-switch? maybe. well, i'm glad to have them, anyway. next time, i'll send out to an 'official' kodak service.

camworld: here's the deal. if there's anything i can do, bud, drop an email. your email to me last year, when i was going through my little crisis, helped immensely.

interesting to note, the santa fe new mexican posts a lead story that the administration's change to iraq is a 'head-snapping change of subject.' i wonder how many other small municipalities are also having a problem synching 'the war on terrorism' and 'iraq.' theory: it would seem the sunday talk shows don't hit small-town america.

santa fe new mexican: historian howard zinn on 'terrorism' and 'communism,' and the commonalities therein. "salt of the earth 'suggests the need to defy' ..."

reuters: many teens say alcohol and guns within easy reach at home. strikes me as sort of weird. in the 1800's, teens hunted - and they'd probably get whupped if they touched dad's bottle. which is more appropriate ... education & responsibility, or locked cabinets? again, a judgment call.

cnn: north korea to 'allow' nuke inspections.

gotta focus now; back later.

brief thought: i need a banality filter for my aggregators.

wwf: pesticide link to childhood leukemia? hard to prove a direct link, but certain chemicals are well-known to cause leukaemia. so, do you have your house debugged by professional exterminators? have young children? read it, make a judgment call.

xml and web services: an xslt-to-xslt converter. yeah, you read that right.

ibm developerworks: benchmarking xml processing.

miami.com: archaeologists think they've found the home of snorri thorfinnsson, first person of european descent born in the new world. what a great name. forget 'columbus day' ... we need a 'snorri' day!

me newsline: iran constructing two nuclear sites. one, nuclear fuel, second, heavy water. according to 'opposition sources.' bush and iraq aside, i think we have to get comfy with the fact that we're looking at a nuclear middle east in the next five years.

ny times: work begins on pipeline that bypasses russia and iran. probably weakening opec's bargaining position [read: dominance]. bp is the main financier. bp now owns bridas, who was a bidder for the 'afghan pipeline' in the 90's [bidding against unocal, as i understand it].

pagesix: seinfeld on letterman, halloween.

fortune: the 50 most powerful black executives.

the economist: better dead, than gm-fed? this article is a vehicle to lambast europe's greens. many important details are not even touched on. but i largely agree - mill the stuff, feed the hungry. don't let it germinate until tests satisfy officials.

vowe dot net: i've seen the future, and it sucks. click it; you might actually like this futuristic idea.

james hillman's doing a seminar on 'the terrible love of war' early november, in santa barbara. $285. 'participatory!' if only i lived closer. i highly recommend experiencing hillman in person.

hopefully it hasn't knocked all the yellow aspens bare yet. they were just starting, last weekend.

just got a call from a friend in town. the sangres have snow-caps. taos got around four inches. 'tis officially fall here, winter up at altitude. it happens *fast.*

savetheceo.com. don't you feel sorry for him?

washington post: passions cool, as the clock ticks. "a poll done by the gallup organization last month showed that 53 percent of americans believe saddam hussein 'was personally involved in the sept. 11 terrorist attacks.'" shiver me timbers.

newsweek: "we're getting the band together." "the 'band' is made up of the people who brought you the war in afghanistan ..."

iht: the 'vinland map,' describing the viking discovery of america, is probably a forgery. and maybe, a nefarious purpose.

ny times arts: mystery music stops paris opera. a/v techs have peculiar senses of humor (self-critique).

unix review: book review, 'learning unix for mac os x.' sounds like a mixed bag, but better than nothing.

the register: ms slammed for antitrust deal violations in xp, win2k sp's.

slashdot: the return of logo ... in java.

slashdot: pioneer 'combo drives' (apple superdrives) may implode. chris ruzin has more info on this, for apple folks.

claremont institute: the political responsibility of intellectuals. "... the differences between what intellectuals think and what they should do politically, and the dangers of their extremism to themselves and others often are ignored ..."

denver post: accepting pre-movie advertising. ah, yes. the bad slide shows, the candy-colored horsey graphics ...

a dearth of news, and a vacuum of functioning web technology ['database error' on remote sites], is foiling my linkage day.

ny times: childrens' use of prescription drugs surging.

ny times: politics reasserts itself in forest management. i'll spare you my pithy comments this morning.

ny times: hollywood and 'the sanitizers.'

ny times: mayan carvings tell the tale of two superpowers.

the sudden change of seasons here has my blood about as thick as molasses. a construction crane would make it easier to get out of bed.

oh, yeah ... that's right. i'm *right* handed. that explains things. more coffee ...