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fri 20 sep 02

blog feels naked without at least one picture.

just for the halibut:

old truck, taos, 2001.

somebodydial911: workspaces. i have to clean up my office before submitting. i'm used to working in warehouses ... (excuses, excuses ...) ...

i don't favor conspiracy theories, but those two former unocals together are just a bit over the top. *are* we trying to control central asian resources, by force of might?

holy cow ... i didn't know hamid karzai was, in the past, a paid consultant for unocal. and another is special envoy to afghanistan. am i just waking up to something? and, washington post, sept. 15: in iraqi war scenario, oil is a key issue. mix these with the post from the ny times yesterday about the pipeline through turkey, bypassing russia and iran.

columbia journalism review: iraqgate. where did saddam get all those weapons in order to invade kuwait? ever wonder? read this one, from march/april 1993. via mefi.

slashdot: should open source content management systems interoperate?

pbs.org: blast mapper. customize a nuclear blast over your location, and see the devastation patterns. jeez.


scotsman.uk: the first global warming refugees. i was expecting a pandering article on tuvalu, but it's not. i'd like to dig up more information about this.

washington post letters to the editor: war and human rights.

nasa's astronomy picture-of-the-day website.

linux planet: no excuses ... sync your visor/palm to linux.

washington post analysis: persistence on iraq pays off for bush. echoes of the tour-de-force reagan propaganda operation of the 80's. we assumed 'media control' back then, softballing reagan. then again, reagan/bush deregulated the airwaves ... tit for tat? anyway, we face that kind of situation again, if you've been following hijinks at the fcc.

freshmeat: snatcher full-text search system [html, xml, pdf, etc.], bogofilter [bayesian spam filter].

edge: a talk with steven pinker. thanks, times shadow, through jerry kindall.

a booklog becomes a musicblog becomes a polblog becomes ... a dogblog. and we relish each and every incarnation. but if you start discussing the methane-producing effects of 'snausages,' i'm leavin' ... (guffaw). cute pooch, there, craig.

the atlantic: p.j. o'rourke, letter from egypt.

chronicle of higher ed: the pathbreaking, fractionalized, uncertain world of knowledge.

ny times letters to the editor: afghan women's fear. more about the gang-rape mentioned here. the northern alliance, our 'allies', commit the same crime. moral relativism, anyone?

ny times letters to the editor: mislabelled as terrorists. i guess, during the civil war, either side could have called the other 'terrorists,' then.

ny times: radio telescope proves out a 'big bang' prediction.

ny times: check this article on 'ergonomic backpacks.' the one in the picture hasn't got a hip belt. get real, dudes.

ny times: experts says nuke plants can survive a jetliner hit. yet the pentagon plane passed through how many sturdy masonry walls ... ?

ny times: government ponders more warnings for acetaminophen. alwin told a chilling story about such an overdose a while ago, one i've never forgotten. i'll have to dig for the link when i have time. it's here. thanks alwin.

ny times: i don't know ... 'secretary' sounds pretty twisted to me. spanking in the workplace? all i ever had to deal with was nimwits who had read 'the one minute manager.'

santa fe new mexican: interview with william greider. and, an interview with chomsky. note that santa fe is a democratic bastion in a republican-leaning state. [just figured this needed qualification.]

santa fe new mexican: believe it or not, santa fe may enact the 'toilet tax.' there goes the neighborhood.

santa fe new mexican: bush endorses homeland security alternative. keep a weather eye out, mateys.

santa fe new mexican: bush administration announces a $752 million drought-relief package for western states. but it looks like ranchers, and secondarily farmers, would be the only benefactors. y'know, george ... the western states are not just cowboys and farmers. the drought's effects are *significantly* wider than that.

reuters: love me, share my state of health? there's a car driving around santa fe, a volkswagen beetle with a suitcase strapped vertically to the roof, that is printed with the words "emotional baggage." i wonder if the owner has a list of health conditions painted on the rear engine hatch ...

reuters: cia knew about three hijackers in 2000. three agencies, three different takes, never correllated.

cnn: bush outlines 'doctrine of pre-emption.' text of the outline, in pdf. i need to spend time reading the pdf, but my first thought is, the administration needs to review the definition of 'unilateral.'

i'm trying to match my motivations to those valourous few who get up with the sunrise, in the cold, and venture out for aerobic exercise. it's just that peeking a foot out from under nice, warm covers to encounter chill air ruins best-laid-plans.

fridays are always messed up. but i'll get there. eventually.