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mon 23 sep 02

dp review: kodak announces the dcs-14n, a 14mp nikon-based cmos camera. list price, near $4,000.

had to recompress that. the previous was way-oversaturated. didn't even have the green haze from albuquerque on the horizon break. my apologies.

sunset tonight:

sunset, september 23, 2002.

the campaign to label genetically-engineered foods. we just want to *know,* and have a choice.

those interested in java might want to peek at resin. i ran across a really nicely done site done in the software.

vfth is having a wireless equipment garage sale. peek, if you're interested.

ooh. coming up in october, the galisteo studio tour. cool.

webmasterbase: design a website in photoshop. for ye beginners. as you get better, get into the generated code and remove the chaff. we'll all thank you.

scotland on sunday: the invisible first lady of afghanistan.

ibm developerworks: the web's future: xhtml 2.0.

washington post: war fever drives oil prices to 19 month high. going to be an expensive winter heating season, again ... further depressing consumer spending.

miami.com: hispanic internet ads.

space daily: will warmer temperatures actually improve crop production? canadian scientists say no.

the national review says "let's have more teen pregnancy." my experience with teens and orphans differs. nice little fairy tale, though.

independent.za: "we've been eating gm foods for five years." "at monsanto we believe we contribute to eliminate poverty and food shortage." but does the positive outweigh the negative? monsanto has given us saccharin, pcb's, agent orange, rbgh, rbst, etcetera. do a search on 'epa' and 'toxic releases.' the sheer amount of cash these folks spend on lobbying will make your head spin.

nj.com: dry summer threatens indiana's pumpkin crop. peek at the url.

history of the workhouse in britain.

elements of abstract and linear algebra. pdfs.

washington post: islam attracting many survivors of rwandan genocide. "many converts say they chose islam because of the role that some catholic and protestant leaders played in the genocide. human rights groups have documented several incidents in which christian clerics allowed tutsis to seek refuge in churches, then surrendered them to hutu death squads, as well as instances of hutu priests and ministers encouraging their congregations to kill tutsis." cue john lennon's "imagine."

linux journal: running ms office under linux.

ibm developerworks: stamp out spam with spamassassin!

common criteria: slapper worm stops slapping.

freshmeat: fetchmail 6.1.0, rexml.

wiredfool has some great shots of northern ireland.

times of india: bush snubs schroeder after polls. don't worry too much. any invasion of iraq will require the use of u.s. bases on german soil. they'll 'make up' soon.

pittsburgh post-gazette: literary criticism should be more than cheerleading or vituperating. now, 'vituperating.' that's a word i haven't used in a while. watch for it; it's back top-of-mind now.

the art newspaper: art trumps right to privacy. an important copyright precedent in new york.

ny times opinion: nuclear dangers beyond iraq. invest in nonproliferation.

ny times travel: coming full circle at mount hood. 'the going can get rough?!' rocks, a clear trail, no incline. i can introduce you to a different brand of rough ...

ny times: "franz kafka designed this system and employed rube goldberg as his architect."

ny times: new jersey towns rethink alcohol ban. ah, the devil is in a community's tax ratables. you may quote me on that.

ny times: bear market. androgynous hairless chests are out; hair is 'allowed' again. at least a little bit.

ny times: leading economic indicators slip again.

santa fe new mexican: santa fe scientists weigh in on iraq. "the bush administration has recently pushed for military involvement due to concern over a shipment of precision-grade aluminum tubing recently sent from china to jordan." we're going to war over tubing? seriously, though. read the article. gives another small point of info in the whole puzzle.

cnn: bad air threatens national parks. travel to grand canyon, and you'll spend your time swapping filters on your camera trying to find some magical combination to eliminate l.a. smog that drifts eastwards and obscures the canyon. it's a patently clear example, and completely obscene.

now that i've bored you to death, on to linkage.

being ruthless with one's own state of fitness has always served me well.

did a little ascending up at the ski basin, straight up the ski runs. seeing how my knee was progressing. much better! was pretty strong on the uphill grind, but a little vague on descending. no pain, mind you ... just not the reliable joint i'm used to. i'll continue my regimen. one thing's for sure ... no matter how hard you aerobically train, there's no substitute for getting up to altitude. i've been battering myself at 7,500, and i still get winded at 10,000. then again, i was carrying a pack full of camera gear and water (~30 pounds) ... which i haven't been training with.