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tue 24 sep 02

shapes blown by the wind, into soft sandstone:

sandstone shapes.

where's that coyote shot? i just *have* to insert a gag, for the sharp-eyed ...

i'm making bogus night sky landscape scenes ... blue buttes, star-filled skies, comets, galaxies. fun, fun. i don't often get to really exercise my photoshop chops ...

hain't got tahm for nuthin' else ...

squirreljumper.com. ?!! one for brent?

all about glaciers.

freshmeat: dovecot [imap].

slashdot: professional php4 xml.

times of india: belgium gives a green light to euthanasia.

times of india: kofi annan looks at reforming the u.n.

sf gate: truth and truthfulness.

atlantic monthly: the roaring nineties, by joseph stiglitz. as stockman gave us the inside view of the reagan years, stiglitz gives us the inside view of the clinton years.

sunday herald: remember the last scene in 'raiders of the lost ark'? the ark gets put in a warehouse with thousands of other 'top secret' artifacts - once again, lost forever? now some claim a cleaning of the 'shroud of turin' will forever prevent its authenticity from being discovered. intentional sabotage, mistake, or divine intervention? you decide.

houston chronicle: a statue of limitations. putting a fig leaf on a replica of michelangelo's 'david.' sounds like a great county to live in, eh?

ny times letters to the editor: stampeded on iraq. "... an abdication of legislative responsibility that is likely to have far-reaching consequences." far-reaching, right into the next presidential election, i fear.

ny times: finding a wild, fearsome world under every fallen leaf. taking an afternoon walk with a naturalist, especially an enthusiastic one, is addicting.

santa fe new mexican: play this one up, folks ... it's forest management at its best. the u.s. forest service is begging people to come and take away felled wood from where they've been thinning in the santa fe national forest. thinning in this fashion allows for controllable burns.

ny times: recession cut incomes and swelled poverty rolls. "The 'poverty' threshold, in official terms, was $18,104 for a family of four; $14,128 for a family of three; $11,569 for a family of two, and $9,039 for individuals." excuse me, but ... 18k for a family of four? who pays for their health insurance?

i'll do a subset of my usual daily linkage, if you don't mind.

meetings always take longer than one expects. thought i'd be back here before noon. now it's 1:30.

cnn: nato rapid reaction force? once again, the jack ryan/tom clancy correlations poke up their heads. 'rainbow six'?

financial review: a reader sent in via email, "oil ... behind the tough talk on iraq." this article ties together a bunch of threads that have been floating around in my mind. snippet: "the u.s. federal reserve estimates that for every $10 fall in the price of a barrel of oil, the u.s. economy grows by an additional 0.4 per cent a year after two years and after ten years adds extra growth of 1.1 per cent every year." thanks, john.

kinda cloudy this morning. i've got some morning meetings i must attend to, so linkage will be late today.