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wed 25 sep 02

through an email from a friend: donut divas calendar. warning - no nudity, but some might consider it obscene.

washington post: radical conservativism. misses a few things: energy policy, environmental policy, etc.

washington post: louder war talk, and muffled dissent. between gore and carter, have our democrats found the cojones to dissent? we are a nation of free speech, after all. you are *allowed* to disagree, for any reason you see fit.

washington post: bush seeks to slow growth in spending, while war costs rise. "you fund our war, and we'll fund your domestic priorities ... [snip] ... and the deficit goes up." a slow economy, falling revenues from bush tax cuts, soaring health care costs, high oil costs ... one war on terrorism, and a prospective war on iraq. a fun winter's coming up, wouldn't you say?

o'reilly, moz devcenter: roll your own browser.

does iraq sponsor terrorism? seems to be a crux of many political arguments. the answer is, "yes." do compare the perceived threat of iraq vs. iran and north korea, under 'state sponsors of terrorism.' make your own judgments. the information about iran's missile capabilities should unseat your iraq focus a bit. iran is not hindered by sanctions or no-fly zones. the world cannot prevent a nuclear middle east - neither can america. mark my words.

metafilter: interesting to see northern new mexico through the eyes of lisa law, in the '60's. we still have our 'hippies,' albeit older. our sikhs. the psychedelic buses are all parked now, i believe, rusting in backyards. if this 'arroyo hondo' is the same one i'm thinking of, it's an *expensive*, lovely place to live.

personal computer world: datadirect has a tool to convert xml to sql.

iwon: it had to happen. a copyright case over the plagiarism of ... silence.

black world today: iraq, such big questions - so little time.

mail & guardian: afghan massacre continues to haunt pentagon. "the question human rights groups want answered is: how much did the u.s. soldiers know?"

ananova: average european dairy cow 'earns' more than half the world's population. subsidies are great things, aren't they?

state of the nation's ecosystems. thanks, karl.

expatica: pollution was halved in brussels, on a car-free sunday. american cities should try this, to raise awareness.

linux today: a new version of apache 2.

iht: cuba opens up hemingway papers.

iht: prince charles would 'leave britain' if fox hunting were banned. some see that as a benefit.

o'reilly: first in a series, 'top five open-source programs for network admins.'

hillnews: dick morris, the perils of polling. "internet polling is growing more reliable every day, except for its blind spot the 40 percent of americans who do not go online."

dp review: lexar announces "write acceleration" for compactflash. but only in cameras that support the tech.

dp review: sigma sd-9 samples.

freshmeat: aolserver 3.5.0, mailreader.

businessweek contemplates the possibility of pentium-based macs. "however, acording to engineers, top pentiums are starting to outrun powerpc chips." later: billsaysthis collars this link, and soundly tramples it: "apple, ibm team on 64bit processor for mac."

times of india: bill clinton visits rwanda. don't really mention the 'g' word. here's the report about u.n. actions (or inaction?) during the genocide. 84 page pdf.

times of india: u.s. opposed to russian attack on georgia. watch out, atlanta. (just kidding).

santa fe new mexican: gore was in santa fe yesterday. who knew? on ashcroft: "he put lady justice in a burqa ..."

ny times letters to the editor: is it patriotism, or eavesdropping? in coffeeshop conversations, i think most of us have been in the position of exploring controversial opinions ... ones that the more-reactionary might take for something 'dangerous' if overheard obliquely.

ny times letters to the editor: the dissent of schröder and gore.

having a hard time finding anything in the news to hang an opinion on.

reuters: 'stomp' stamps around the world. seen them twice, in mccarter theatre in princeton. a lot of fun.

just made a pot of coffee that's stronger than diesel fuel. ah well.